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by: Laura Cooke @laurajcooke   ·    13 November 2014

Gallery: LG G3

The LG G3's fantastic camera makes taking great photos easy and fun. LAURA COOKE put it to the test with a photowalk around downtown Cape Town.

The speed at which smartphone cameras have evolved is phenomenal – so much so that if you have a top-end smartphone, carrying a point-and-snap camera has become unnecessary. 

The LG G3's 13MP camera with laser auto-focus makes taking photos quick and hassle-free. The user interface on the camera is very simple and easy to use, even for beginners. To take a photo, simply tap the screen to focus where you want it to and hit shoot. You can also use the volume-down button as a shutter button. 

The auto-focus is remarkably quick, with virtually no delay, and the resulting images are sharp, detailed and have rich contrast and colour. If you're looking for a smartphone with a great camera, the LG G3 is an excellent choice – and if your budget doesn't stretch to the LG G3, consider the LG G3 Beat, which has a 8MP camera and the same laser auto-focus feature.

This selection of images was taken while walking through Cape Town on a bright, sunny day. They've been slightly edited with Adobe Lightroom for a more dramatic effect.