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by: Michelle Edwards   ·    2 May 2016

Apps for mums

A few useful, time-saving tech tools for busy parents like you.

You've got kids, a job, a home, something resembling a social life, and more responsibilities than you can keep in your head at once. The one thing you don't have enough of is time. 

Here are the free apps we suggest to shave off a few minutes or help you to conserve some brain-power when going about your long list of daily tasks. Download the apps from your App Store.

Keeping track of expenses

It's probably one of the most stressful things about being a parent: making sure you've got enough money for all the costly things your kids need (never mind the things they want). These apps will help you keep tabs on what you've spent, and how.

  • My Vodacom App is a must when it comes to managing your mobile phone spend. Get your balances at the touch a button, and buy extra data in bundles when you need it. You can also use it to transfer data or airtime to your kids if they're in a bind.

  • Splitwise makes it incredibly simple to manage shared expenses. Whether you share bond repayments with your partner, or the cost of your mum's birthday party with your siblings, Splitwise does all the hard work of calculating who owes what, and prompts everyone to reimburse the person they owe. No more complicated Google spreadsheets to create and (passively aggressively) send to make sure your family and friends pay you back!

  • 22Seven, a local app, makes budgeting a breeze by grouping all your expenses from your various accounts and cards together and showing you clearly where and how you spend your money. You'll be amazed how quickly the last-minute 'diaper dashes' to the Friendly Grocer (conveniently located, with an inconveniently big mark-up) start adding up. The app will also 'nudge' you with tips on how you can cut back on certain costs.

Keeping tabs on tasks

Todoist: This app helps you to avoid decision fatigue by creating a schedule and sticking to it. The app is available for 15 different platforms, so you can access it wherever you are – at work on your desktop, or at home on your mobile.

It allows you to create to-do lists for individual days, and to set up reminders for recurring tasks, which you can set up quickly and easily using 'normal' language (such as 'Pack Ellie's ballet bag for school every Wednesday at 8am'). Reminders can come daily via email, SMS or app notifications. 

Keeping the kids busy

Kinedu educates you on how to kickstart your little one's development by spending time constructively with them. Based on expert opinion and the latest research, Kinedu gives you guidelines on how to harness the huge learning potential your children have in their early years with ideas for active play and real-life interaction.

You can also record your baby or toddler's milestones and keep tabs on their development as time goes by.

Adventure Clubs lets you join in on group activities with other parents and their kids (aged 6 months to 6 years) in your city in South Africa. Particularly useful for school holidays, it doesn't require you to get involved unless you want to and are available.

You choose which activities to RSVP for, and can invite friends or family to join. If you're new in your city, or are the first (or only) person in your group of friends to have children, this app is a great entry to a world of child-centred socialising.

Keeping things to read until the kids are in bed

Pocket: How many times a day do you see an interesting headline on an article and think, 'I wish I had the time to read that!'? Pocket means you don't have to miss any online content – text, images or video.
You can save directly from your browser or other apps like Twitter, and then access it when you're offline, for example, once the kids are asleep, you've eaten your dinner, and you've finally got half an hour of couch-time all to yourself. Your free time is so limited: don't waste it absent-mindedly browsing Facebook.

Please note: While these apps may be free to download and use, the data required to do so is not. You can buy data bundles from Vodacom Online » .