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12 December 2016

Get on the road with the Instagrannies!

You've seen them on TV, now meet the hip, tech-savvy gogos taking Msanzi by storm!

They're the three most tech-savvy grans this side of the internet. Usha, Abigail and Elize don't have time for doilies - they're all about data. While other grannies are getting hip replacements, they just keep getting hipper. When they post something on Facebook, it gets more likes than your gran's famous melktert.

You could say that they put the 'gran' into Instagram ... (Geddit?!)

In fact, they're so cool that Vodacom wants to help share them with the whole country. So we're sending them on a road trip and pitching some challenges along the way. They'll always have their phones handy but sometimes, they'll need your help. Get to know these absolutely fabulous grans. 

Usha Khan

Soapie fans will recognise Usha - she played Mrs Naidoo on Egoli, and Mrs Pillay on Generations. Like all her Instagranny friends, she loves to break it down and taught herself to dab by watching online tutorials.

Abigail Kubeka

Abigail is just fabulous, darling. This veteran actress and musician is a lady about town and is always dressed to the nines. She's an entertainer, and she's up for just about anything. While other grannies are taking their tablets, Abigail is swiping on her Smart Tab 2 3G. She's the fastest mobile typer in town, and knows all the best fashion and lifestyle blogs. 

Elize Cawood

Star of stage and screen Elize is a ball of energy and up for anything. She's the youngest - and she doesn't hesitate to remind everyone of that. 

Share the road trip

The Instagrannies have already set off on their cross-country road trip - follow their progress on Vodacom's FacebookInstagram or Twitter pages, using #Instagrannies.