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11 January 2017

Sensational series to stream on Showmax

Check out all the new series and seasons coming to Showmax this May. You can stream them online, or download to watch later.

Showmax is constantly adding new series and movies to its catalogue. There are more than 25 000 episodes, movies and kids shows so it can be difficult to choose what to watch. That's why we've put together a list of the new seasons and series to watch this May.


1. Oorsee

Do you remain South African when you leave your home for greener, wetter and colder pastures? Does the longing for home ever pass? Watch Oorsee on Showmax in South Africa and abroad with new episodes added every Wednesday. Every week there’s a wonderful competition where viewers stand a chance to win fantastic prizes. Watch now »

Agent Carter

2. Agent Carter

All episodes of Marvel’s Agent Carter have exploded onto Showmax this week, so you can start bingeing on Seasons 1 and 2 with immediate effect. In the eight-episode ass-kicking extravaganza that is Season 1 of Marvel’s Agent Carter, Peggy is assisted by Stark’s butler Jarvis in finding those responsible for framing him and supplying deadly weapons to America’s enemies. She overcomes everyone’s assumptions about her while making the bad guys pay. In her red lipstick and pencil skirt and earrings, Peggy looks like any other secretary – until she unleashes the force of her wit and fists. 

In Season 2, Agent Carter moves to Hollywood after World War II to keep the threats of the new Atomic Age in hand. She comes up against Whitney Frost, a ferociously clever actress and scientist who has been experimenting with Darkforce, or Zero Matter, the most powerful and unstable form of energy the world has ever known, which Whitney has managed to absorb. Will Agent Carter prevent Whitney from using her powers to take over the influential Council of Nine?

Find out by watching Seasons 1 and 2 of Marvel’s Agent Carter on Showmax now.

3. Rockville

The complete boxset of all of four seasons of Connie and Shona Ferguson’s 2013 soap opera is now available for your bingeing pleasure on Showmax! This entertaining homegrown Rockville, scripted in vernacular, won a SAFTA last year for Best Achievement Production Design in Telenovela Series.

The star-studded cast includes Connie Ferguson as Mavis Mabaso, a working-class woman whose family lives in Rockville, Soweto. Her daughter Lindi (Mbali Mlotshwa), an ambitious law student, gets a job as a waitress at upmarket cigar lounge Club Venus in Season 1 in order to provide for her family after her brother’s devastating car crash. But the well-to-do owner JB Bogatso (Shona Ferguson) is running a secret brothel at the club behind the scenes.

Binge on all four seasons of Rockville now! Watch now »

Reign S3

4. The Young Pope

Showmax is blessing viewers with the unmissable 10-episode first season of drama series The Young Pope (2016-current) before anyone else on the continent. What makes it a must-see, regardless of your faith? Well, there’s the ridiculously awesome and accurate costumes and sets that put you in the middle of the Vatican City. Plus, there are twists, turns and backstabbing around every corner for drama fans. Watch now »

Hello Ladies

5. Paw Patrol

Everyone loves puppies, but the six in Paw Patrol are especially adorable – even though they’re a little different to real-life puppies, they all enjoy a good head scratch and tummy rub! – and each have their own special personality. Chase is the responsible one, Marshall is clumsy, Rubble is sweet, Rocky is mischievous and hates water, Zuma is laid-back and says “dude” a lot, and Skye is cheerful and brave. Every kid’s got their favourite pup and can see a little of themselves in each of them. Watch now »

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