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15 February 2017

Say 'I love you' in any of our 11 official languages

Let's embrace our connectedness and diversity as a country on Valentine's Day by learning how to say 'I love you' in all of our 11 official languages.

Whether you do it over a voice call, or as a WhatsApp voice note, a Facebook wall post, a Skype chat, an SMS or an Instagram story, celebrate Valentine's Day this year the Mzansi way, by saying 'I love you' in an SA language that's not your own.

  • English: I love you
  • Afrikaans: Ek is lief vir jou
  • IsiNdebele: Niyakutanda
  • IsiXhosa: Ndiyakuthanda
  • IsiZulu: Ngiyakuthanda
  • Sepedi: Ke a go rata
  • Sesotho: Ke a go rata
  • Setswana: Ke a go rata
  • SiSwati: Ngiyakutsandza
  • Tshivenda: Niyakutsandza
  • Xitsonga: Ndzakurhandza

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