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6 March 2017

RED deals for March

This month, upgrade to a great phone from LG or Apple, and benefit from special deals exclusive to RED customers.

Looking to upgrade to a fab new phone? How about one of these LG or Apple beauties?

LG V20 + 24-month screen insurance 

LG has long been known for delivering sleek, beautiful smartphones with impressive specs. The LG V20 is the next generation in this lineage. 

Here are its most covetable features: 

  • Audio recorder: With three high AOP microphones, LG has made the V20 the phone for anyone who records voice or music as part of their hobby (hardcore groupies) or their job (journalists). Even the softest voice memos and the loudest rock concerts record without any distortion, thanks to the V20's Audio Recorder app, which delivers high-res 24-bit audio quality. The playback is such high quality that some critics are likening it to a 3D immersive experience. 
  • Camera: Armed with two rear camera lenses, the V20 performs well in low-light conditions, thanks to the 16 MP camera with an aperture of f/1.8. Plus, the 8MP camera has a super-wide-angle lens (135 degrees!), so you can take some amazing shots of your holiday destination; and the selfie cam boasts a 120-degree lens. Hybrid Auto Focus delivers optimal picture sharpness while Auto Shot's face detection feature triggers the shutter for automatic selfies. This video goes into more detail on the camera, showing us three surprising features.
  • Android Nougat: The V20 is the world’s first smartphone to offer Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box and it is also the first to include Google’s In Apps search feature. Some of the boons of Nougat include split-screen multitasking, better Doze battery management, new emojis, and heightened security.
  • Robust design: The V20 is highly durable. Its lightweight yet strong AL6013 aluminium alloy contributes to its durability, as does the top and bottom contact points being reinforced with Silicone Polycarbonate (Si-PC). This make it military compliant, in a nutshell - it stands the toughest Drop Test out there.

In short, the LG V20 is a feature-rich phablet with cutting-edge audio and visual capabilities, and if you're on the lookout for a top-class, high-end, big and beautiful smartphone, it's an obvious choice. 

Plus, as a RED customer you get 24 months' screen insurance FREE, from just R1 149 per month on RED Classic + 

LG G5 SE + FREE LG Care Pack

While the SE is a slightly less high-powered version of the G5 it still packs in impressive specs. It also looks nearly identical to the LG G5, USB-C and all. And, of course, it features the G5's modular ability to swap out accessories.

As with the G5, the SE has a fingerprint scanner/home button on the back, a USB-C port, and the same modular design. The 2800mAh battery is removable and should provide a solid day’s worth of power from a single charge. If you’re out after work and know you’ll be using the phone, say, for photos and video, which tax the battery rather heavily, then you will definitely want to re-charge during the day. The slightly smaller size of the phone means it weighs less than the G5 as well.

The only major difference between the LG G5 SE and the LG G5 is that the former runs on a slightly less powerful processor than the Snapdragon 820 that the G5 comes with, has 1GB less RAM, and misses out on 4G LTE connectivity.

Wide-eyed photography: On the photography front, the LG G5 SE comes with a dual 16-megapixel/8-megapixel combo camera system on the back, plus an 8-megapixel front-facing camera. The former features a 78-degree lens and the other with a 135-degree wide-angle lens. 

This dual-camera setup works very well. The 175º field of view is wider than your own eye can see, resulting in a wide-angle shot that packs in a lot. While one camera is 8MP, the other is 16MP, well in line with some of the best phone cameras on the market.

The design side:  The SE shares the G5’s full metal design and removable battery, as well as the design curve at the top of the handset, which tapers away vertically as if folding off the end of the phone. The rear button control - which has come to define LG's flagship handsets in recent years - now incorporates a fingerprint scanner. It can double as a click-to-press button control as well. 

Pre-loaded apps: The LG G5 SE comes with a considerable number of preinstalled apps which, without the app drawer (which LG have begun to remove from its devices), results in a busy homepage. Alongside your typical Google apps, there's LG’s own music player, email client and app store. LG Backup is present too, as is its RemoteCall Service, plus Evernote, Instagram and Facebook. 

When you order the LG G5 SE on RED, you get an LG Care Pack FREE, from just R1 229 on RED More Data.

iPhone 7

Here are 7 reasons to get the awesome iPhone 7:

1. Next-level camera: The 12MP main camera has an f/1.8 aperture lens which improves the quality of low-light images, meaning your pictures will look like you've taken them with a DSLR. The selfie camera is the best yet, a whopping 7MP! Optimal image stabilisation and Quad LED True Tone flash also dramatically improves your photos. 

2. Incredible display: The iPhone 7 has a 4.7" screen, with a display that's brighter, bolder and crisper than ever before, boosting your video-watching experience.

3. No headphone jack: To streamline the shape of the iPhone 7, Apple did away with the old-school headphone jack. You can either use an adaptor if you're attached to your traditional earphones, or you can invest in the futuristic Air Pod wireless headphones as an extra.

4. Splash and water resistant: Giving popular Android devices a run for their money, the new iPhones are safe to have around water, perfect for summer days on the beach or by the pool.

5. More storage than ever: For the first time, the iPhone 7 offers a 256GB version. That's a whole lot of storage, and may be more than you need - check out our special deal on the 32GB edition.

6. Best battery: Expect two hours more life on the iPhone 7 versus the 6s. That's a lot more talk and surf time. 

7. Amazing deals: As a Vodacom RED customer, you can get the iPhone 7 32GB from just R1299 per month on RED Classic+

Plus: RED customers get Deezer for free

When you sign up or upgrade on any Vodacom RED plan, you will get six month's FREE subscription to Deezer, with access to 40 million songs across every genre, exclusive to RED customers.

Deezer lets you listen to your music wherever and whenever you want. Explore over 40 million tracks on your computer, tablet or mobile. Keep all your music in one place, and take your entire library with you everywhere.

Find out more about Deezer »