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by: James Francis   ·    6 March 2017

The best phones from MWC 2017

The annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) has come and gone, leaving behind a lot of new device announcements.

Looking to get a new phone or mobile accessory in 2017? Here are the best devices showcased at the 2017 MWC that the rest of the market will follow.


It has been a rocky ride for LG’s phones. Last year it experimented with a modular device, but mobile users didn’t pay it much attention. So LG has returned to a single-form phone - and it is really nice. The new G6 is waterproof and can be wirelessly charged. Its screen has a 5.7-inch, 16:9 aspect ratio, which is not only great for watching videos, but LG’s own software makes excellent use of the size difference. Most outlets have named the G6 the phone of the show, which means that LG’s new device will be the benchmark for everyone else this year.

Samsung S8

Samsung pulled a semi-Apple, which does not attend MWC or launch devices there. Though Samsung was at MWC and holding presentations, it will only unveil the new Samsung S8 later this month. To remind people of that, it peppered MWC with secretive ads revealing the launch date. All we know for a fact is that the S8 won’t have the terrible battery fire problems of the Note 7. But expect this to be an awesome phone.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Want a 4K screen? Feel a need for super-slow motion video? Expect nothing less than the most powerful processor to arrive next on the market? Then look no further than the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium. As its heavy name suggests, this is a serious flagship device. The 5.5-inch screen is not as big as some other new arrivals. But the ‘glass loop’ design that has Gorilla Glass wrapped around the phone looks fantastic.

Moto G5

The Motorola brand is back again, this time with Lenovo behind it. The result is a new brand of phone that has everything you want and at a good price. The G5 delivers a 1080p display (up to 5.2-inches), fingerprint reader, ample storage and all the features a decent Android phone is made out of. No frills, no fuss, and likely a price of around R6,000 or less!