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7 March 2017

Pioneering healthcare and improving lives

Vodacom’s innovative healthcare solutions improve the delivery of healthcare to those who need it most.

Vodacom’s mHealth initiative puts healthcare in anyone’s pocket. It combines the pervasiveness of mobile devices and apps with the expansive coverage of Vodacom’s network. The result is affordable and accessible healthcare for all.

So, what is mHealth?

mHealth is a healthcare management system that uses apps on your cellphone to help and improve home-based, community-based and corporate healthcare. The system empowers patients and healthcare providers, reduces market fragmentation and removes complexity.

Offerings include hearScreen, the next-generation screening test for hearing problems, as well as apps and devices to monitor vital signs. This includes SensiCardiac and a first-of‐a-kind pregnancy monitoring device, called Sense4Baby, which is used to monitor the health of women with high‐risk pregnancies. The device can be used at home or shared by remote clinics, thereby reducing the requirement for clinic visits several times a week.

Stock Visibility

Vodacom’s Stock Visibility Solution (SVS) allows primary health clinics to report on stock on hand in real time. Based on data reported by the clinics, SVS provides summarised reports via SMS and email to sub-district, district and provincial management teams. Visibility of stock-on-hand data allows pharmacy supply chain managers to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the distribution of stock, which in turn increases access to quality medicine.

Maternal Health Care: Shandukani Centre

The Shandukani Maternal and Child Health Centre in Hillbrow, one of the largest non-hospital-based clinics in South Africa, is providing healthcare and treatment to vulnerable women and children. The Vodacom Foundation granted this project R14 million to develop the centre.

Shandukani offers excellent care to vulnerable women and children for sexually transmitted infections and HIV/Aids. The centre also offers a world-class maternity ward.

Mum and Baby

In January this year, we launched the Siyakha platform for our lower-income prepaid customers. The initial focus was on free access through zero-rated sites and content in key categories, namely education, jobs, health and Free Facebook Flex.

We promised at launch that through Siyakha we would continue delivering products and services to ensure this segment of the market feels more digitally included.

At the end of March, we will launch Mum and Baby, powered by Vodacom Siyakha. This service offers stage-based maternal support and allows customers to access health information and videos based on stages of pregnancy. It's available via a free, subscription service, giving women a reason to connect via Vodacom every week at much preferential rates. They will also receive stage-based SMSes, covering various topics

•  Sexual and reproductive health
•  Pregnancy information
•  Breastfeeding
•  Immunisation
•  Mother-child bonding
•  Early childhood development
•  Nutrition

This service will be available via USSD and mobi site. Our aim is to improve lives and unlock everyday value  - we want women on the Vodacom network to feel empowered and when they connect to Mum and Baby they have access to basic health information and a healthier future generation. More details to be released on the 28th of March. Visit for more info.