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by: Craig Wilson   ·    21 April 2017

App review: Clips

Want to create social-media-friendly videos in no time straight from your iPhone? With Apple’s Clips, you can.

Apple users who fancy themselves the next Spike Lee are already spoilt for choice when it comes to video editing apps. There is the hobbyist-grade iMovie, or the professional-grade Final Cut. And while iMovie is available for iPhones and iPads, it’s still an app designed for desktops and laptops that’s been squeezed onto mobile, rather than designed from the ground up for it.

Which is where Clips comes in. Designed exclusively for mobile and laden with the sorts of stickers, filters and emojis you’d expect to find in Snapchat and Instagram Stories, it’s clearly Apple’s attempt to make a video editor for youngsters – or the young at heart. And the best bit? It’s totally free.

Create and share

Unlike Snapchat and Instagram Stories, there’s no social network tied to Clips. Instead, you can share your creations to existing social networks or via instant messaging services (most notably Apple’s own iMessage, which integrates with Clips very tidily).

Key to Clips is ease of use, and Apple’s done a great job of making the process of importing video or stills from your camera library as easy as recording new footage or snapping new pics in the app itself. Everything revolves around the big, red record button at the bottom of the Clips home screen. It’s even helpfully labelled "Hold to Record".

Whether you’re adding an intro or putting a speech bubble or effect on existing video, all of it gets added to the timeline with the record button, and how long you hold down the button decides the length of each segment.

Talk and tag

Apple has also incorporated some clever functionality into Clips. Let it create captions for you and it will recognise what’s being said in a video snippet and convert it to text. Or, if it has access to your contacts and there’s a picture of a contact where their face is recognisable, Clips can suggest sharing a video with a friend if it sees said video includes them.

Despite the straightforward interface, with a bit of practice it’s possible to create some impressive videos with Clips, but do keep in mind that it’s designed to make them in portrait rather than landscape orientation (tall rather than broad), so it’ll never really replace a high-end video editing app. But then, that’s not really the point.

Get Clips

Download it for iOS.

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