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10 May 2017

Vodacom has SA's fastest internet speeds

Recent tests reveal that Vodacom still offers South Africa's fastest mobile internet speeds - just one of the reasons we're the Best Network in the country.

At the end of March this year, MyBroadband released the results of their internet speed tests, which pit South Africa's four mobile internet providers against one another to find out which one offers the fastest mobile internet speeds.

South Africa's fastest average and peak speeds

In MyBroadband's tests, which consisted of over 55 000 mobile speed tests, Vodacom topped the list for both the fastest average mobile internet speed, as well as the fastest peak mobile speed.

The tests found that Vodacom's average download speed was 16.1Mbps, with an average upload speed of 7.3Mbps. Vodacom's peak speed – i.e. the highest test per result – was a whopping 101.4Mbps, a full 13Mbps higher than the closest competitor.

The test also showed that Vodacom has the shortest latency – 74 milliseconds, against 88 for MTN and 101 for Cell C. Latency, also known as 'ping' in internet speed tests, is the average amount of time delay from one network point to another. In other words, it's the time it takes for a message to be sent over the internet. If you had the fastest internet speed in the world but a long latency, your connection would feel very slow.

Read the full results here.

South Africa's Best Network. Full stop.

And let's not forget that in the past few months, the Advertising Standards Authority has ruled in Vodacom's favour in cases lodged by MTN with regard to our 'Best Network' advertising. This is because the claims we made were fully substantiated and backed up by multiple reports and tests aside from MyBroadband's test results. 

To win the 'Best Network' case, for example, Vodacom submitted a report from Catalyst Research & Strategy (a SAMRA approved research entity), together with letters from Ookla and ATIO Telecoms, which showed it had the best network data speeds.

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