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by: Lisa van Aswegen   ·    15 May 2017

Mother’s Day off!

With a range of incredible tech at your fingertips, here’s how to have a Mother’s Day where you need to do nothing at all. Now that’s more like it!

A Mother’s Day spent organising anything, cooking anything, and (horror) cleaning anything, is no fun. You deserve a day off, and here’s a guide to top tech that will help you achieve just that, no matter what age your kids are. As for dealing with dads ... well, there isn’t an app for that, yet!

Baby mommas

There’s no getting round the fact that if there’s a baby in the house, mom will be on call pretty much 24/7. But there are some clever apps that will give you a little bit of breathing space. Cloud Baby Monitor turns your Apple device, whether it’s an iWatch, iPad or iPhone, into a baby monitor. Not only does it provide video and sound but it also has a motion detector. 

Available on iOS 

Toddler taming

Yes, we know you should limit screen time, but this is your day. We love these apps recommended by that will entertain little ones while you have a much-deserved lie-in. The free LEGO Duplo Train app is great fun. Your toddler will build tracks, choose wagons and drive the train through an interactive landscape. What’s more, it will start instilling a love of all things LEGO that's sure to last a lifetime.

Available on iOS and Android 

Primary schoolers

Relinquish your smartphone for a few hours and send your bright primary schooler on a mission for the morning: ask them to take pictures of the house, the garden, the family, the pets, whatever they want. They can add some fun filters and generally mess around with your smartphone camera. Then, with Dad’s help, they can be turned into a fun photo book of the day. Try Burblepix – the software is fairly simple to use, and they deliver the finished product to your home. 

Tween trouble

Set your kids to work: they’re big enough to spoil you with a great meal, and they can clean up after themselves too! All you need to do is set up your tablet in the kitchen for them to follow the recipes and tips provided. 

Shop online beforehand to make it even easier. Some great sites for meals your kids can create and you will want to eat, are:

BBC Goodfood Kids Cooking  – always a reliable source of excellent recipes, this collection has some tasty snack ideas as well as flavourful mains.

Real Simple's 9 Recipes Kids Can Make – this Australian site hits the mark with fresh and simple fare, perfect for our South African climate too.

Cooking with my Kid – on this awesome site kids will learn how to cook with fun video tutorials, and get to grips with good safety tips in the kitchen. 

The teenage years

This one’s a breeze – make sure they have airtime and a full battery on their smartphone – and send them out for the day!