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11 July 2017

GoT Recap: Warning! Spoilers ahead!

GoT addicts (and there are many) will want to rewatch all the best moments on Showmax, but if you need a little more help keeping the story straight, here's the story so far.

For those who have trouble keeping track (and who doesn't?), here's a quick recap of all the important events from the last six seasons. 

The Starks

In one of the worst-kept secrets in television, Jon came back from the dead in the season six opener thanks to a little help from Melisandre and the Lord of Light. He’s also no longer the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch after renouncing his oath following his resurrection. Thanks to a trip through family history, courtesy of Bran's vision, it was revealed that Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are the real parents of Jon Snow, making him an heir to the Iron Throne.

After fleeing Winterfell and the clutches of Ramsay Bolton, Sansa and Jon were finally reunited and teamed up to retake Winterfell from the Boltons. The resulting battle (dubbed 'Battle of the Bastards') was one of the shows most epic scenes, with soldiers, wildlings, giants and direwolves clashing in a brutal, bloody war. 

Season six ends with Jon being declared the 'King of the North' in a scene eerily similar to when his late cousin Rob was crowned the same. 

Finally, following her training with the Faceless Men and nearly getting killed off by the Waif, Arya returned home to Westeros. The trained assassin killed off Walder Frey after coming back to the Seven Kingdoms in revenge for perpetrating the Red Wedding in which her brother Robb and mother Catelyn were slaughtered. However, that was just one name on her ever growing hit-list, top of which is the Queen herself, Cersei. 

The Lannisters

In the most explosive finale of Game of Thrones to date, Cersei disposed of her enemies quite swiftly using a cache of wildfire to blow up the Sept of Baelor and all her enemies with it. The resulting explosion wiped out almost a third of the major cast, including the Tyrell family, the High Sparrow and the entire small council. 

After her only remaining child, Tommen Baratheon, ends his life by jumping out a window, Cersei is crowned the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and currently sits on the Iron throne. Jami, her twin brother, who has been undergoing a crisis of conscious over the last few seasons, arrives in time to see her crowned. 

And across the sea their younger brother Tyrion is now serving as Daenerys's 'Hand of the Queen' (her second in command) as the two of them start their journey back to Westeros. 


With Tyrion at her side and Varys in tow, Dany was last seen setting sail for Westeros. She also has power over the Dothraki since earning their respect when emerging unscathed from the fire she set to kill the Khals who took her captive. She is now poised to start her conquest of the seven kingdoms, a goal she began to set in motion from the very start of the show. 

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