08 September 2015


    10 things to know about the S6 Edge+

    The latest offering from Samsung, the S6 Edge+, provides an immersive, easy-to-use experience in one of the most stylish phones on the market.

    The Samsung S6 Edge+  is a beautifully crafted device with an exceptional screen. Here are 10 reasons you should consider getting one for yourself.

    1. World leader

    The Samsung S6 Edge+  is the second device in the world featuring a dual-edge display. The flowover screen is bigger than that of the S6 Edge, and brings your images to vibrant life. The Quad HD Super AMOLED (518ppi) display comes in at a generous 5.7”.

    2. Hot design

    The Samsung S6 Edge+ is not only lighter, but slimmer than the S6 Edge. The glass and metal design with its distinctive curved sides makes this a sophisticated and contemporary phone.

    3. Ease of use

    You can create shortcuts to your top five apps on the edge screen and get access to them in moments. The integrated fingerprint reader and touch-sensitive Recent and Back buttons make the Samsung S6 Edge+ a cinch to use. If you want to launch Google Now, it’s as easy as pressing and holding down the home button.

    4. Say 'cheese'!

    No more missing perfect moments, as the camera on the Samsung S6 Edge+ powers up in less than a second.

    With a 16-megapixel main camera, images are crisp, clear and top quality. The front-facing camera is 5-megapixels, more than enough for your selfies.

    Auto real-time HDR is a fantastic feature for both photo and video. Not only can you capture distinct details, but different exposure levels are used for different areas of the images – this means the image will be pretty much perfect on all levels.

    5. Selfie series

    A host of filter options and Advanced Selfie technology ensures you can always find the best selfie to share. And you'll get everyone in the shot with the Samsung S6 Edge+’s 120˚ selfie angle.

    6. And… action!

    Quality videos are de rigeur with the Samsung S6 Edge+, as the Video Digital Imaging Stabilization and Optical Image Stabilization pretty much guarantee steady video footage. And with 4K/UHD shooting capability, you’ll capture incredible detail. So whether you’re trail running across a mountain or dancing the night away, you can record all the action. What’s more, the Live Broadcast functionality allows you to stream your experiences as they happen.

    For a fun video, the Collage mode captures four video clips and combines them while the Series function allows you to combine short clips. Slow Motion captures moments that may otherwise have been missed.

    7. Friends at your fingertips

    All your most-used apps as well as your frequent contacts are on the edge screen.

    With People Edge, you can access your five top contacts and personalise them with colours too. And getting in touch has never been simpler: a quick inward swipe from the Edge Handle and you’re on your way.

    8. Fun features

    Thanks to the large screen, you can view a newsfeed and alerts on a sidebar that doesn’t detract from your general use. What’s more, it’s customisable so you can position it on either side of the edge screen.

    The heart-rate reader on the Samsung S6 Edge+ is useful to keep track of your health.

    The S6 Edge+ also has a night clock that glows faintly with the date and time.

    9. Take charge

    In just 90 minutes, your phone can be fully charged, and ready for action. The battery life is excellent, too, as it has a 3 000mAh battery.

    10. Here are the key specs

    •  Groundbreaking dual-edge screen
    •  5.7" Quad HD Super AMOLED display
    •  5MP front-facing, wide-angle camera
    • 16MP rear-facing camera
    • 1080p full HD video recording, 720p playback
    • 4GB of RAM for super-fast performance
    • At 153g in weight, the phone packs a lot of features into a light model
    • Runs Android 5.1 Lollipop