30 September 2021

    James Francis

    2021's coolest new MMO games

    Fire up your fibre and join your friends in these new massively online sandbox games.

    Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games offer the perfect way to blend gaming and socialising – and there are loads to choose from. So why not start fresh with a few games released in 2021?

    New World

    The MMO that has the most people excited this year is New World. It’s about to launch its open beta through Steam, so you have a chance to experience the game before its official release. New World is a fantasy game where players can fight, forage, and forge. Fight monsters and enemies across a wide range of areas in a vast open world. Forage for new materials and ingredients to build up your character's skills and chances of survival. And forge new weapons, spells and more.

    But the biggest selling point is a classless system. You don’t select a character class; instead, your character’s class will depend on how you play. Now you can finally create that barbarian wizard baker you’ve been dreaming of!

    Conan Exiles: Isle of Siptah

    Conan Exiles is one of the lesser known but well-loved MMOs out there. As the name suggests, it dumps you into a world of savage barbarians, mean monsters, and lots of combat. Join forces with friends to build bases, explore the world and protect yourself against hordes of monsters. Isle of Siptah is a major expansion released this year, adding a large new island and plenty of extra content.

    It’s a perfect time to join the Conan world because there’s no other MMO like it. It takes place in a fantasy setting quite different to the popular Lord Of The Rings-style fantasy. Conan Exiles also has a private server option so you can create your own server that gives you and your friends private access to the game. 


    Space: the final frontier. Now, all we need are robots swarming all over the place, mining ore, building space stations, and the ability to attack each other. Welcome to Starbase. It may look a little rough, but Starbase has many hidden surprises. It has a very elaborate shipbuilding system, and you can design ships or buy ships from other players in-game or over the Discord chat service. Venture into asteroid belts surrounding planets and moons, set up bases, and find rare minerals you can sell for a hefty profit. Or arm yourself and go hunting other ships, stealing their cargo and even stripping them for parts.

    What’s the appeal? Starbase is part of a sub-genre where you can build space stations and ships, and explore a massive world. But it’s one of the first to successfully mix those elements into a massively online experience. Just be aware that Starbase is currently in early access alpha, so expect lots of bugs. And be careful of pirates!

    Hell Let Loose

    Technically, this game isn’t an MMO. But it involves combat with hundreds of players at a time and is undoubtedly the most MMO experience you can find if you want online World War 2 battles. Fight as infantry, in tanks and aeroplanes. Drive vehicles and offer support to troops. Communicate with your squad and commanders, planning tactics as the battle changes. Hell Let Loose looks absolutely amazing and plays even better. Fight in some of the most iconic and brutal battles of World War 2 with friends or a squad of new people.

    World war combat games have been around since the early days of Call of Duty. But many feel the genre has lost its way. Hell Let Loose is a refreshing return to form and finally puts this genre into massive battle arenas with large numbers of players.

    Black Desert

    All the games mentioned here became available in 2021. The exception is Black Desert, which was released in 2018. But it's enjoying a surge in popularity and is different enough to warrant a mention. If you enjoy intense real-time combat in the tradition of brawlers such as Devil May Cry, this is your MMO. Choose from roughly 20 classes, customise your character’s look and skills, and prepare for battle. Explore a large and beautiful world, fight monsters and explore dungeons, ruins and castles. If you want some downtime, work on other skills and decorate your home.

    As mentioned, Black Desert arrived over two years ago. But the intense and powerful combat makes it stand apart from most MMOs out there, while the incredible graphics and a large number of activities will keep you and your friends going for a long time. As a bonus, it features elaborate property management choices, including renting buildings to other players.

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    James Francis