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Small businesses face many issues, and money problems in their various forms are usually top of that list. Having limited capital is a huge problem for SMEs but managing it doesn’t have to be.If you’re a small business owner and you have budgeting, invoicing and general money management issues, then these apps are for you.

Here are three free, convenient and easy-to-use money management apps that will ensure that you stay in control of your company’s finances:


Join the over 2 million customers around the world who use the Wave app to enjoy easy and convenient invoicing at your fingertips. The Wave app allows you to send unlimited, customized and professional invoices for free - ensuring that your business maintains a professional standard. Over and above inspiring customer confidence in your business, the Wave invoice templates and email messages are also designed to ensure that you get paid faster by your customers. This app also lets you receive notifications when you have paid, check invoice status, record payments, send invoice reminders and payment receipts, and gives you the option to accept credit card payments to get paid even faster.

Available for FREE on Android and iOS


22Seven is proudly South African budget planner app. This money management app is backed by Old Mutual so you know that It’s exactly what you need to keep your business finances organised. 22Seven doesn’t only link all your different bank cards to ensure that all your money is in one place - the app also allows you to create a budget to manage spending, keep track of all your income and expenditure, and invest money at low cost, tax free and online.

Available for FREE on Android and iOS


According to Forbes, Expensify is ‘a mobile app that helps you run your business’. If you’re not entirely convinced by Forbes’ opinion about this amazing money managing app, then the over five million users worldwide and the fact that Expensify is the number one tool for expense report management, receipt tracking, and business travel should change your mind.Abandon the old school way of handling receipts and simply take a photo of your receipt using SmartScan and allow Expensify to handle the rest.

Available on Android and iOS.

Manage your money with Vodacom

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