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3rd Oct 18


3 reasons to be legally savvy

3rd Oct 18

By Vodacom 1461 Followers

Think only criminals and high-powered business people have lawyers on speed dial? Think again. Even the most innocent of us could encounter legal issues – and if you’re shelling out for legal advice, even the smallest problem could cost you big bucks.

That’s where Vodacom Legal Cover comes in. For a small monthly fee, you get access to an attorney to assist you in a variety of circumstances.

Here are three reasons even the most law-abiding citizen may have a close encounter with the law.

1. You need a home

Whether you’re buying or renting, everyone needs a place to call home. If you’re renting a place, call our Legal Advice line to check that everything is legally above board in your new contract. If you’re the landlord, you can use one of template contracts to help you work out terms with your new tenant, and our Legal Advice line to ensure you’re complying with the law.

Best of all, if you’re buying a house, you’ll enjoy a discount of 35-60% on your Transfer Fees. That’s the money you have to pay to a transferring attorney to assist you with the purchase. (The discount doesn’t apply to the Transfer Duty, which is paid to SARS and depends on the purchase price of your home.)

2. You need a divorce

Divorce is traumatic enough without considering the legal fees you’ll incur. Fortunately, Vodacom Legal Cover can help you through the process and save you a lot of money. Essential policy holders can only access benefits if your divorce is unopposed, while Core and Plus Policy holders can get assistance in a contested divorce as well. Read the brochure for Core and Plus Policies to find out more about assistance with maintenance disputes.

3. You need a middleman

Despite what the TV shows may have you believe, getting your day in court isn’t always the best outcome. To avoid legnthy and expensive court cases, we’ll put you in touch with a mediator who can assist you resolve matters simply and with the best results for all parties.

Bonus reason: Death and taxes!

Nobody gets to avoid these two realities of life! If you’re a Core or Plus Policy holder, you also get access to advice on tax matters, helping keep you compliant with SARS rules. And we’ll also give you access to free estate planning advice, such as help drafting a will, and help your family deal with winding up your estate when you die.

More services

Sign up to Vodacom Legal Cover today, to access litigation assistance, as well as these fantastic services:

  • Help with civil actions, for example if you have a written agreement with someone and they owe you money
  • Help with criminal cases and bail applications
  • Employment-related cases where you could lose your job
  • Unopposed divorces
  • 24-hour Legal Emergency Line: Assistance 24/7, for example if you are arrested and need to post bail.
  • Legal advice: Useful advice on virtually any legal matter (business-related matters are excluded)
  • Mediation benefit: We’ll negotiate on your behalf on a variety of matters, via telephone, email and letters.
  • Access to contracts: You get access to templates of commonly used contracts, such as sale and lease agreements.
  • Discount on transfer fees: You get a discount off your Transfer Fees (not transfer duty) when buying a property, and using one of our recommended Panel Attorneys. (Amount of discount depends on your cover option).

With Core Cover you also get, among other benefits:

  • Representation in maintence hearings
  • Help with an opposed divorce
  • One free prenuptial agreement
  • Payment of up to R5000 bail
  • Rescission of a magistrate court judgement
  • Tax advice

With Plus Policy, you also get:

  • Assistance in domestic violence cases
  • Payment of up to R10 000 bail
  • Estate assistance
  • Retrenchment benefit

Read more

Find out more about Vodacom Legal Cover on the Vodacom website.   

  • Read more about the Essential Policy and sign up from R109 per month here.
  • Read more about the Core Policy, from R179 per month here.
  • And read more about the Plus Policy, from R239 per month here.


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