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For many of us, buying a smartphone has very little to do with how much RAM or how many gigahertz it has and more to do with whether it looks amazing or not. 

No matter what you love to wear, we've found a smartphone that will suit your unique style. 

Sophisticated boho – the LG G4 in leather 

The LG G4 has bucked the metallic trend popular with most manufacturers and has opted for a genuine leather back in either black or tan. (It also comes with a plastic option in the box.) It's not just its sleek styling that has the critics hot under the collar: the LG G4 is a fantastic phone with an outstanding camera which has impressed reviewers from across the globe. The unusual hand-crafted finish would look equally at home in the hands of an organic cotton-wearing mom at a farmers' market or a high-powered sales exec in an Armani suit.

Haute couture  – the Samsung Galaxy Edge in emerald green 

Why would you want a smartphone with a curved screen you ask? That's like asking why you'd want skinny jeans with pockets that aren't really pockets. Fashion is not always about being practical, it's about expressing yourself through the design, colour and cut of your clothing. 

We think the bold green finish on the Samsung Galaxy would suit out-there fashionistas. What differentiates mainstream fashion from the fabulous is the quality of the materials and the manufacture. That's where the S6 Edge also matches up perfectly: it's one of the best Android phones money can buy with excellent performance, camera and battery life.

Classic hipster – the iPhone 6 Plus

Apple made a name for itself by focusing on great design, and that hasn't changed since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007. It's Apple's unflinching attention to detail that keeps admirers enthralled. Apple attracts trendsetters and creatives, hipsters and designers. 

The release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was a departure from the much-loved shape and size of the 5 and 5s, but it's converted a whole new generation of iPhone users to the world of phablets. The large 5.5-inch screen is ideal for watching videos, viewing photographs and staying up to date with the latest trends. The outstanding camera is also perfect for taking beautifully styled shots for Instagram. Panorama mode produces images up to 43MP and it can shoot 1080p video at 60fps and a 240 fps slow-motion mode at 720p resolution. 

Chic simplicity – the Huawei P8 (coming soon) 

If your sense of style is a little more understated and you prefer lesser-known designers rather than following the masses, then the latest flagship from Chinese manufacturer Huawei is worth considering. The simple metal unibody looks sophisticated and elegant and the device is packed with features, including a 13MP camera which has a 4-colour sensor and optical image stabilisation. It can take macro shots and reduce noise in low light by up to 78%. The Huawei P8 is ideal for the more budget-conscious with it's attractive price point.

Capture the action

At this weekend's Vodacom Durban July, you're likely to see a broad spectrum of fashion styles on display. The theme of this year's event is The Captain's Table. Judges will be looking for elegant, stylish garments that are 'on trend and beautifully executed'.

If you're going to be there for all the action, make sure your smartphone is fully charged so you can capture all your race day moments.

For more information about the event, go to

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