24 December 2021

    Wanita Nicol

    4 Reasons Why Your Kids’ Tech Obsession Isn’t Such A Bad Thing 

    Conversation around children and tech tend to get negative pretty quickly, but there are several benefits to encouraging tech-savvy kids.

    Discussions about tech and kids usually go one of two ways: how to get them off their devices or how to keep them safe from internet bullies and predators. But while it’s good – and necessary – to proceed with caution, there are also positives to raising tech-savvy kids. 

    1. Access to e-learning platforms 

    As a parent, you’re likely still reeling from the ordeal of being a stand-in teacher during lockdown. But while the kids are (thankfully!) back to attending school with real, qualified teachers, some online benefits are likely to stick, such as how valuable e-learning platforms can be. Extra lessons via Zoom make it easier for tech-savvy kids to access tutors. And for those who can’t afford private tutors, great, interactive e-learning platforms exist, like Vodacom’s e-school, which covers several subjects in the curriculum from Grade R to Grade 12. Vodacom customers get access for free – no data charges and no charge for accessing the valuable, in-depth content. Yup, we’ve come a long way since after-school TV maths lessons with William Smith and his overhead projector.  

    2. Connecting with friends 

    During the pandemic, social media became a coping mechanism for many teens, giving them a way to connect with friends at a time when lockdowns were robbing them of normal social interaction. But even without a Level 5 lockdown in place, the days some may remember of walking down to the corner shop to call friends from the pay phone are long, long gone. Just as you communicate with colleagues through Slack or Teams, your kids communicate virtually, too – via messenger platforms, sure, but also on other platforms, like Twitch streams and Fortnite. Kids need to be tech savvy in order to navigate these new social spaces and not get left out. 

    3. Finding like-minded peers 

    Cast your mind back to school and just how brutal the social scene was for anyone who didn’t tick the boxes that guaranteed automatic popularity – like excelling at sport or being naturally outgoing. Online, kids who may not be popular at school can interact with others who have common interests in communities centred on shared interests, like gaming. 

    4. Preparing for a digital future 

    The world of technology moves fast – TikTok is not even three years old! And as it evolves, so does the job market. If you think about some of the jobs that have emerged in the past 10 years or so, many of them involve tech. And those kids who are tech savvy will be best poised to take advantage of these new jobs as early adopters. 

    5. Tech-savvy kids are better equipped to stay safe 

    Of course, with all the good that comes with tech, the bad can’t be ignored. The internet is full of predators, frauds, and cyber bullies. But with the world becoming increasingly digital, it’s impossible to shield your children from the internet and its threats forever. Teaching them to be savvy in how they use technology and interact online equips them to better recognise and avoid online threats and behaviour that might put them at risk – in the same way they’re are taught these lessons in real life. The best way to help them is for you to keep up with tech developments, too. Why not check out the Neo Disney watch?

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    Wanita Nicol