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16 days of activism with Vodacom

Vodacom | 30th Oct 20

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As part of the 16 Days of Activism, Vodacom does their part in addressing GBV by hosting a walk, a silent protest and drives awareness of the GBV Command Centre (a long-standing partnership with the Department of Social Development) and GBV through a marketing campaign
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The Importance of Diversity in Technology

Oratile Maphumulo | 22nd Oct 20

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There is nothing that exists that everyone enjoys that is made of a single entity. This is the power of diversity.

Learning about self-defence with expert Warren Ho #BeTheLight

Vodacom | 2nd Oct 20

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Learning self-defence as well as creating a secret safe word that will keep someone close to you informed about the situation in your home, are all part of the steps to winning the battle against gender-based violence. 
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