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    17 December 2021

    Wanita Nicol

    5 Amazing Things You Can Do With 5G That Will Transform Your Home

    It’s not just about watching movies on your phone… 5G can transform your home, making it more comfortable, more convenient and safer.

    These days 5G is available in most major metros around South Africa. So why should you switch? 5G is the latest generation of wireless internet technology, which means it’s faster and more reliable than 4G and the generations that came before it. That means faster download speeds, a better online gaming experience and no more spinning wheel at a crucial point in a sports match. But while those things will change your life, the real magic of 5G is that it allows you to start tapping into IoT.

    Smart Home Upgrade

    IoT stands for “internet of things” – and it refers to everyday objects – think: your TV or fridge – connecting to the internet and integrating into a home network that you control through your phone. First there were smartphones, then smartwatches and TVs and now you get the convenience of a smart home. Here are some of the cool things you can do…

    1. Have a Home Assistant

    You may already be using Google Assistant or Siri on your smartphone to search for things online, call people, get directions or schedule appointments. With a smart speaker in your home, you can chat to these assistants without having to go through your phone. And the more things you connect to your smart home network, the more your smart speaker becomes a kind of virtual butler, which can order your online shopping, control your lighting and switch appliances on and off.

    2. Improve Home Security

    Connected security cameras mean you can monitor what’s happening around your house via an app on your phone even when you’re not home. Connecting lights to your smart home network means you can switch the lights on while you’re out.

    home security

    3. Create the Perfect Atmosphere

    Speaking of lights, installing smart switches in your home allows you to use voice control to adjust the lighting, aircon temperature and even open and close electric blinds and curtains.

    4. Control Appliances Remotely

    Enjoy the convenience of running the washing machine while you’re stuck in traffic or getting your coffee machine fired up on your way home from gym.

    5. Reduce Waste

    One of the great perks of connected appliances is that they tend to give you information about your usage. This allows you to pick up where you’re wasting energy around your home and change your habits accordingly.

    Sounds amazing, but why do I need 5G?

    The catch with setting up a smart home is that you need a stable, reliable internet connection throughout your home. If you have a WiFi router, you’ll know the frustration of trying to make video calls in those “dark spots” where the signal is weak because of, you know, the walls of your house. And of course, there’s the matter of losing your WiFi entirely during load shedding. A 5G connection provides exactly the kind of low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) that works best for smart home products.

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     - Header image by Z z from Pexels

    Wanita Nicol