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7th May 19

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5 apps to organise your life

7th May 19

Megan Ellis
By Megan Ellis34 Followers

Organising your notes and to-do lists can be a daunting task, even for those of us who are motivated by New Year’s resolutions and a commitment to being more productive. Luckily, smartphone apps can help! Try the 5 apps below.

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is handy for a variety of tasks because of the many ways you can store, pin and attach images to notes. Rather than relying on notes in one app, saved links in another and checklists in yet another, Google Keep acts as a central hub for all of it. You can even use different colours and labels to help you visually separate different notes for different categories. For example, if you’re keeping research notes for a project, you can use the same colour or label to group them together. Google Keep has also introduced folders to make it even easier to keep track of tasks. 

Google Keep

To use Google Keep, you simply need to log in with your Gmail account. This will keep the app synced across all your devices and in your internet browser. Google Keep is available on Android and

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