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    25 February 2019

    Megan Ellis

    5 cool features of the Samsung Galaxy S10

    Samsung has officially launched its new Galaxy S10 series. Here are our favourite new features.

    Samsung has officially launched its new Galaxy S10 series, with three variants of the phone set to arrive on our shores on 8 March. However, with so many devices now available, you may feel overloaded with information. So we’ve highlighted some of the coolest new features that Samsung has introduced with their new Galaxy S10 flagship. 

    1. The new fingerprint sensor 

    The Galaxy S10 has introduced a fingerprint sensor that lies under the smartphone’s display, making it invisible. This new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is activated by simply placing your finger on a certain part of the screen. This contributes to the phone’s sleek appearance and infinity display, which has incredibly slim bezels and no physical home button to interrupt the look of the smooth glass front. Samsung promises that the placement of this sensor will bring a natural feel to unlocking your S10 with your fingerprint, without needing to search for an unnatural manoeuvre to find the right spot. 

    2. The ultra-wide angle lens 

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 features a 123° ultra-wide angle lens as part of the phone’s triple-lens rear camera setup. This means that you can capture more distance than ever with your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone camera. This includes beautiful panoramic shots of ocean views and even tall buildings. Switching between the different lenses is also incredibly easy. You can either tap the icons in your camera app or use both fingers on your screen to pinch and zoom out or in. This automatically switches between different lenses when their maximum or minimum zoom level is reached. 

    3. The new Wireless PowerShare feature

    Samsung’s new Wireless PowerShare feature introduces wireless reverse charging to the Galaxy S10. This means that you can charge compatible devices by placing them on the back of your S10 smartphone. Samsung’s latest wearables such as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch are compatible with this technology, as well as many Galaxy series phones that have wireless charging. 

    4. Upgraded Live Focus mode 

    Live Focus is a great feature that has existed on many Samsung phones since the Galaxy Note 8. However, the S10 brings an updated version of the feature. The original Live Mode allows you to blur the background of photos and adjust the background blur level after you’ve taken a picture. But with the S10, Samsung has upgraded this feature to include other artistic effects. For example, you can apply colour point effects to your photo, greying out the background and leaving colour only on the photo’s subject. There are also different types of background blur effects available, including spin bokeh and zoom bokeh. 

    5. A better Bixby 

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 also comes with an improved version of Bixby. This includes features such as voice unlock, which allows you to unlock your phone and activate Bixby with just your voice. Bixby has improved image recognition functionality too, which will bring new features to Bixby Vision. This includes translating characters from foreign languages and better-recognising items to add them to your shopping list. 

    Buy your own Samsung Galaxy S10

    The Samsung Galaxy S10 is packed with other great features that will impress those looking for a premium smartphone. Watch the video below and then pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S10. Customers who place orders before 6 March will also receive a free pair of Galaxy Buds, valued at R2,999. 

    Megan Ellis