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    18 April 2019

    Megan Ellis

    5 family-friendly flicks to watch this long weekend

    Watching a movie or two is a great way to unwind while spending time with the family this long weekend. Here are a few flicks to check out on Showmax.

    The long weekend is almost here and while it’s a great time to spend time with the family, it’s also really easy to run out of things to do. A movie marathon is the perfect way to unwind while also spending time together, so we’ve lined up a few family-friendly films to enjoy on Showmax.

    1. The Lorax

    The Lorax is an animated adaptation of the Dr Seuss book, bringing the author’s vision to the screen in a colourful and captivating world. The movie follows Ted, a 12-year-old boy who lives in a city that’s completely devoid of living plants or animals. In this synthetic world, Ted hopes to win the heart of a girl by helping her fulfil her greatest wish – to see a real tree. The search proves more daunting than expected in a barren world, where there is no tree in site. Ted discovers a lone stranger who tells him the story of how nature once was and what happened to it all, which motivates Ted to make a change.

    This movie has enjoyable elements for the whole family, and the environmental message resonates more with audiences every day.

    Watch The Lorax on Showmax.

    2. Earth: One Amazing Day

    If you’re looking for something more educational that the whole family can enjoy, Earth: One Amazing Day is a highly-rated documentary from BBC Earth. The film showcases stunning imagery of animals all around the world, including rarer visual delights such as the narwhal and glowing fungi. If you love nature, you’ll love this film.

    Watch Earth: One Amazing Day on Showmax.

    3. The Croods

    The Croods is one of those rare animated films that received high ratings across various platforms, thanks to its unique and entertaining story. It follows a prehistoric family whose primary concern is staying safe and never leaving their cave. However, teenager Eep is filled with curiosity, and when an outsider warns the family of a cataclysmic event, she gets her wish to explore the world as they all set out on a cross-country trek to find safety. 

    The film is filled with humour for the whole family and features the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage. 

    Watch The Croods on Showmax.

    4. City of Ember

    City of Ember is a live-action science fiction film that takes place in an underground city built to sustain humanity. However, the city has reached the end of its 200-year lifespan. As supplies run low, two teens, Lina and Doon, attempt to discover how to leave the city. 

    The film is packed with action and features established actors such as Bill Murray and Saoirse Ronan. While the movie received a mixed reaction from critics, it still makes for an interesting watch for the family.

    Watch City of Ember on Showmax.

    5. ParaNorman

    If you’re looking for an animation of a different kind, ParaNorman is a darker family-friendly flick that has a similar tone to many Tim Burton flicks.

    The story follows Norman, a boy with supernatural powers that allow him to see ghosts. While his oddity results in him being bullied by his sister and classmates, his power turns out to be an important tool needed to help save his town. 

    The movie uses the same unique stop-motion animation as Coraline, but the story has a cheerier tone overall.

    Watch ParaNorman on Showmax.

    Megan Ellis