5 Gadgets To Help Beat Loadshedding
01 June 2023

Nafisa Akabor

5 Gadgets To Help Beat Loadshedding

Make life a bit more comfortable during loadshedding with these gadgets that don’t need power to run.

Need light in your life during loadshedding? Maybe you like a fan on while you’re sleeping, or you’re worried about security while the power is out? No need to fret – we’re here with our pick of the battery-powered solutions you need. You can find them online at local e-commerce retailers or go in-store. 

1. Meaco cordless fan 

This energy-efficient fan is great for keeping cool – as well as repelling mosquitoes! It’s battery-operated and runs up to 14 hours on a single charge. It’s also quiet, so it’s great for your bedroom at night. It has four fan speeds and uses a USB port to recharge, with a cable included. The base provides a soft glow for visibility in the dark. 

2. Extreme Lights rechargeable bedside lamp 

Extreme Lights has a rechargeable bedside lamp with a long-lasting battery of up to 20 hours. It can be mounted on your desk, wall, or bookshelf and can also double as a handheld torch. This nifty lamp can recharge via a USB-C cable. It’s 120 lumens bright and its flexible and compact design supports three charging mount options, including a clip-on clamp, which is provided. To prevent overheating, it has a built-in temperature protection circuit module. 

3. Ring Spotlight Cam Plus 

Amazon-owned Ring has an extensive range of smart home security products and video doorbells, and its new battery-powered Spotlight Cam Plus is perfectly suited for loadshedding. A quick-release battery pack means you can easily swap batteries out if you have more than one. Use the app to monitor motion detection in full 1080p HD, plus it has a siren and two LED spotlights for added security. It supports two-way talk and is weatherproof.  

4. Logitech Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 

Battery-operated TV isn’t a thing, and you might not have had the chance to go solar, but if you want some entertainment, there’s always your music. Turn it up with Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 wireless Bluetooth speaker. It offers big bass 360° sound and runs for up to 14 hours on a single charge. It has a few party tricks too: it’s rated IP67 and floats in water or can be submerged in 1 metre for up 30 minutes. The wireless range is 40m and it’s been drop-tested from 1.5m, so it’s robust enough for the outdoors or a pool party. 

5. WiBOX WiFi UPS 

This plug-and-play solution from WiBOX is a mini-UPS made by Arion and provides power to keep your router going during outages. It’s easy to install yourself and provides up to six hours of backup on your router. It comes with all the necessary cabling to connect your router and works with fibre, LTE and ADSL connections. Inside the box is a rechargeable 7.2Ah battery, installation manual and 2x device connector adaptors.  

Once you have your UPS, why not sign up for Vodacom Fibre? That way you’ll be sure of fast and reliable internet, even when the power is out.  


Nafisa Akabor