11 June 2019

    Megan Ellis

    5 games to play on your phone

    From major games that have mobile versions to mobile-only online games that are tons of fun, here are five of the best online games you should try out on your smartphone.

    While online games may make you think of computer games, mobile games are also a major player in the online gaming community. And smartphones have made it easier than ever to join in on online gaming fun. From major games that have mobile versions to mobile-only games that are tons of fun, here are five of the best online games you should try on your smartphone.

    1. Brawl Stars

    If you’re looking for a fun, casual multiplayer battle game, Brawl Stars is an excellent choice. The game includes various types of three-minute matches, including tower defence, resource gathering and last player standing. You play in teams – either with friends or with other online players from around the world. There are a number of characters to choose from, which you unlock as you level up. The cartoon graphics mean that it isn’t violent or gory, making it suitable for younger players as well. 

    While microtransactions are available in the game, you can easily level up and play the game without needing to spend a cent. 

    Brawl Stars is available for Android and iOS.

    2. Fortnite

    You've probably heard about Fortnite before – the world’s most popular battle royale game – in which 100 players are launched into the map, fighting and surviving to see who will be the last one standing. 

    Two major perks of the game are that it’s free and it’s available on a variety of platforms, including mobile. 

    The major downside is that the game is not available through the Google Play Store. Rather, you need to download it from the Epic Games store (owned by Fortnite’s publisher) or the Samsung Galaxy Store (since Samsung has a partnership with Epic Games). However, the game is available for iOS.

    3. Words With Friends 2

    If competitive word games are your favourite type of game, then Words With Friends 2 is for you. It is very similar to Scrabble, with a few tweaks to the design and mechanics. You can either play against AI in the app or against other players around the world. If you add your friends to your account, you can also challenge them. 

    Since each player takes a turn, it’s a great game to play when you can only spare a few moments across the day. It doesn’t require you to stay focused on the game and you can come and go as you please amid your daily schedule. 

    The game is free but does include microtransactions. However, you can have plenty of fun without ever spending money. 

    Words With Friends 2 is available for Android and iOS.

    4. Pokemon Go

    While Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was upon its release, it’s still a fun augmented reality game that encourages players to go out and move. 

    The game uses actual places and the player’s location in its gameplay, with Pokemon, battles and digital hubs dotted throughout the real world. The player’s goal is to go to these places and capture Pokemon, which they can level up, evolve and pit against other users. 

    Players are rewarded for walking, going to hub locations and actively using the app when out and about. The app now also links to the Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go games, allowing players to transfer Pokemon between the games. 

    Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS.

    5. BattleText

    BattleText is another fun word game that you can play against others. 

    Instead of building words like in Scrabble-type games, players earn points by writing long words that start with the last letter of their opponent's word. The game is a back-and-forth match that tests your vocabulary and ability to think up words you haven't used before with specific rules attached. Each match has a random rule assigned to it, such as not being able to use the letter 'a', giving you some welcome variety between games. 

    BattleText is available on Android and iOS.

    While these games are free to download, you will need data to play them – buy a Vodacom data bundle now.

    Megan Ellis