03 December 2020

    Caryn Welby-Solomon

    5 local Youtube channels you should subscribe to

    Which vloggers are worth liking and subscribing to?

    It is strange to think that there was a time when we could not ‘YouTube’ something to find out how it works and did not have a selection of trusted voices which we could call on to hear their opinions on various topics. YouTube has almost become like our haven in trying times, our emergency help, and even our friend.

    And with the YouTube revolution, we have been introduced to an array of personalities that have become household names in their own right. We are living in a time when people are earning the bulk of their money from social media campaigns, which includes YouTube. The age of the influencer is upon us, and South Africa is no exception.

    But it can be difficult to navigate your way around YouTube if you are just becoming familiar with the app. So we have a created a list of South African YouTubers that you must follow:

    Caspar Lee 

    One of the most well-known South African YouTubers, he now has over six million subscribers. Caspar Lee is part of the elite group of early YouTubers who gained fame around the world, he has written a book, acted in Spud 3 and he’s only 26 years old. His channel features pranks and shenanigans he gets up to with his friends and collaborations with celebrities like Jack Whitehall and Ed Sheeran. Subscribe here.

    Mihlali N 

    When it comes to beauty, there is no one as renowned as Mihlali Ndamese. She has won numerous awards for the content she creates and continues to be in demand and booking campaigns all over the world. Mihlali does not only do fire beauty tutorials but also travel, fashion and lifestyle content that will make you fall in love with her life. Subscribe here.

    More Mpanza 

    Do you know that feeling you get when you watch your friend grow up, find their soulmate and then you see the two of them become their best selves together? That’s what it is like being a viewer of More Mpanza. It was started by Sibu Mpanza as he shared videos about his life and opinions. When he got into a relationship with Buhle Lupindo, the channel became more about their relationship. Both of them are so charming and funny. This is one relationship you won’t mind third-wheeling. Subscribe here.

    Lasiswe Dambuza 

    Lasiswe has become such a pop culture icon that we often forget that his roots began on YouTube. He (along with Mihlali) represented South Africa at YouTube Black FanFest. He continues to make hilarious videos and create premium content even though he has won numerous awards, and was the first African to have a reality show on MTV. Subscribe here.

    Nadia Jaftha

    Influencer, singer, actress, comedian, is there anything Nadia Jaftha can’t do? She even won the grand prize in the latest season of Tropika Island of Treasure. Her YouTube channel is a collection of comedic skits, her lockdown diaries, as well as fashion and beauty videos. Subscribe here.


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    Caryn Welby-Solomon