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25th Jul 16

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5 reasons to get the new Xperia X

25th Jul 16

By Vodacom 1329 Followers

Sony recently introduced South Africa to the X Series of handsets: the Xperia X and XA. The X Series promises more intelligent technology in the features that have always set Sony apart: design, battery and camera.

Here are 5 reasons to consider it for your next upgrade.

1.  Battery power

Sony promises that the Xperia X will deliver at least two days of reasonable use between charges. Thanks to its quick charge capabilities, you should get up to 5.5 hours of charge in just 10 minutes. There’s also a STAMINA Mode that intelligently optimises your phone to reduce its power consumption without disabling key features or noticeably slowing things down.

2.  The camera

The Sony Xperia X sports a flashy 23MP camera sensor with quick capture option that goes from standby to capture in just 0.6 seconds. The camera can track focus on an object or person and keep them in focus as it or they move around. Perfect for those action shots.  

3.  Perfect selfies

If you’re more likely to shoot a selfie than take a photo of what you can see, you’ll love the front-facing camera in the Xperia X. It has a whopping 13MP to play with and its sensor performs really well in low light.

4.  The sound quality

The Xperia X supports Hi-Res Audio and has digital noise cancelling to ensure that what you listen to and what you record sound fantastic.

5.  PS4 Remote Play


If you love games, you’ll rejoice as the Xperia X has PS4 Remote Play, which enables you to control your PS4 console from your phone. That’s really handy if like us you often have to give up the big TV just as a game is getting interesting: with the Xperia you can carry on playing on your phone. 

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