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    26 May 2016


    5 reasons to love the iPhone SE

    Is the iPhone SE dynamite in a small package? Yes it is! Here are 5 reasons to get this pocket-friendly device.

    Here are 5 reasons we think the iPhone SE is great little device. It may be small, but it's packed with the latest tech on the market.

    1. The size

    While most smartphones seem to be getting bigger, Apple's iPhone SE bucks the trend by going back in time to the days when a 4-inch screen was the height of sophistication. While this may not suit everyone's tastes, there's something to be said about the convenience of a smaller smartphone. More importantly, a smaller screen means longer battery life.

    2. The camera

    'Welcome to iPhone SE, the most powerful 4-inch phone ever.'

    - Apple

    The iPhone SE has an amazing 12MP camera, support for Live Photos and 4K video shooting capabilities. 

    3. The battery life

    One of the biggest drains on battery life in smart devices is the screen – and the compact size of iPhone SE gives it a distinct advantage over big-screen flagships. This baby can run all day without breaking a sweat and Apple says it has the best battery life out of the all of the iPhones.

    4. The screen

    The iPhone SE is as sharp as the iPhone 6S as it has the same pixel density. This means that it's extremely crisp and clear. The pixel density is 326 pixels per inch.

    5. The power

    The iPhone SE is a powerhouse – it has the same chip as the iPhone 6s, the A9. You can look forward to 'spectacular speed and responsiveness', excellent for gaming as well as everything else you'd possibly want from a smartphone.