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Did you know that many children born after 2012 don’t know life without being connected to the internet in some way at all times? And this trend will only continue as they grow up and enter the workplace. To succeed in such a digitally connected world, we know that they’ll need to nurture and develop certain skills – among them coding. Here are five reasons to encourage your child to learn this valuable skill.

1. Coding is a language

And, as with learning any language, your child will develop essential skills that engage both the left and right sides of their brain. The left side is widely regarded as the part that is logical and analytical whereas the right side guides creative processes.

The left side of the brain governs logic

2. Developers are in high demand

Tech-related jobs will continue to be on the rise in the years to come, with software development being one of the most sought-after skills. If your child is interested in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the like, learning to code is a must.

3. Coding is a valuable skill in many industries

Did you know that coding extends beyond AI and machine learning? Anyone with an interest in a marketing or communications field will find coding is a nice added bonus to have on their CV. Many smaller companies that don't build software on a daily basis may not have the budget to hire a full-time developer, so it's handy if their content creators or marketers are able to do basic coding on the odd occasion.

4. Coding teaches problem-solving skills

Developing applications is often a case of trial and error – particularly if a very complex programme is needed. When children learn to code, they're also learning the patience and perseverance that is necessary to solve problems. When an app freezes, for example, there is rarely a quick fix. Instead, developers must work systematically and methodically to figure out which element is causing the problem.

Coding teaches problem-solving skills

5. It will improve communication and collaboration skills

Developers don't work in isolation. If you're building a website, for example, they have to work alongside designers, copywriters and project managers, all of whom bring different skills and viewpoints to the table. As a developer, it's important to take all these elements into account to ensure the end result meets everyone's requirements.

Now that you know how important coding is to your child's future, why not sign them up for a coding camp? Vodacom's coding camps are a fun introduction to Apple's coding language, Swift. Or why not throw a party with a difference? Vodacom World in Midrand offers themed coding birthday parties in their Kids Lab for just R250 per child.

To book the party of the year, email And to find out more about Vodacom World's coolest holiday coding camps, contact

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