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You probably could have guessed that the world’s most Instagrammed city is New York. And maybe you’d expect the planet’s most popular emoji to be the laughing-crying face. But we bet there are things you’ve never thought of in the latest edition of Guinness World Records, released earlier this year, such as these five technological feats.

1. Fastest driverless car

Watch out world – speedy, self-driving vehicles are here to stay. A UK-based robot company has created an electric racer called the Robocar, fitted with cameras, sensors and software that allow it to navigate itself on the track. In March this year, it set the world speed record for autonomous cars when it clocked 282.42 km/h.

2. Most selfies taken in one hour

The world record for this one is held by a US high-school student. Patrick Peterson – with a little help from NBC Sports, the simple functionality of an iPhone, his fellow students and some of the teachers at Arizona’s Deer Valley High – took 1,449 selfies in 60 minutes in January 2015. That’s about one selfie every two seconds!

3. Most robots dancing simultaneously

Speaking of robot tech, companies have been competing for this world record since 2016. The current title is held by Telecom Italia that, in February 2018, surprised Sanremo Music Festival goers with an orchestrated dance-off by 1,372 Alpha 1S robots. These highly flexible humanoids are able to move to music and are made by China’s UBTECH Robotics (which had set the first record two years before). 

4. Most consecutive days vlogging

Charles Trippy started filming his daily life on his cellphone and posting it on YouTube back in 2009. Ten years, 3,653 videos and almost 1.5 million subscribers later, the 34 year old from the US holds the world record for vlogging (video blogging) every day for the longest time. Thanks to the power of video editing, you can watch a summarised version of the Charles and Allie YouTube channel in just six minutes and 25 seconds.

5. Furthest mobile phone throw

Did you know that the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships were held in Finland in August this year? The title remains with Belgian javelin thrower Dries Feremans who tossed a perfectly weighted Nokia 110.42m (the length of a soccer field) back in 2014.

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Header photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

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