30 June 2022

    Nafisa Akabor

    6 accessories for mobile content creators

    Here are some of the best mobile accessories for content creators or small business owners.

    The mobile content creation business is big, as the barrier to entry is minimal; you just need a smartphone to start off. Most devices these days can shoot videos in full HD or 4K and camera quality overall has vastly improved over the years.

    Today we’re going to take a look at some accessories to help with your smartphone content creation journey. It is also suitable for small business owners.


    A gimbal is an accessory that keeps your smartphone steady while shooting videos. It acts as a stabiliser when you need to do things with motion, create timelapses and achieve cinematic shots. Arguably the most popular accessory in this space is DJI’s Osmo range. The portable palm-sized Osmo Mobile 5 (OM5) is the latest in the range that has a built-in extendable selfie-stick. It has 3-axis stabilisation for steady videos, active track to follow you and keep you in the frame, and options to use various modes.


    Between TikToks, IG Lives and podcasting, don’t underestimate the value of owning a separate microphone. These clip-on accessories fit into a charging port or audio jack and changes the game, allowing for complete voice isolation while eliminating background noise. If you’re ready to level up your recordings, take a look at the Rode VideoMic that plugs straight into a handset.

    Clip-on selfie light

    We all know lighting plays a big part in content creation. Whether you’re shooting pictures or making videos in the evening – or even the day – a clip-on selfie light is one of the most inexpensive accessories you can buy for making your content pop. Check out the Lumina clip-on selfie ring light that costs less than R200.

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    Wireless shutter

    If you shoot a lot of content on your smartphone from a distance, you may find a wireless shutter a useful accessory. This allows you to control your camera remotely. These small Bluetooth accessories typically have two buttons – one for video and one for photos. It beats using a smartphone’s built-in timer mode. A basic one costs under R200.


    For most of who don’t have the luxury of shooting at different locations, it may be worth looking into buying a greenscreen. This will allow you to play with your backgrounds and change the environment so it’s not always the same wall in the background. The Wistream Greenscren tripod compact 72-inch is a great entry level option at R1699.

    Vlogging Kit

    If you’re big on video creation and vlogging, a good option is to buy a separate vlogging kit. Volkano has an Insta Series Tripod Vlogging Kit that includes a 1.9m tall tripod that has a microphone holder, 9cm adjustable ring light, tablet/script stand, and a pop filter and microphone shock damper. The metal arms are adjustable and it can be powered by a USB cable or power bank for mobility.

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    Nafisa Akabor