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    27 March 2017


    6 reasons to use Vodacom's Virtual Hosting

    By using Vodacom's powerful, user-friendly Cloud Management solution for your data storage, you'll give your business the competitive edge.

    When it comes to data storage for business, physical servers are often under-utilised, with as little as 20% being used at any given time. This is a necessary 'wastage' to allow for future growth. But Vodacom's Virtual Hosting with Cloud Management is fully adaptable to your business's storage needs at the present moment. It's a dedicated virtual web or application server that gives you a complete and robust IT cloud platform. 

    Vodacom understands how important it is for your business to always be available and responsive, and that's exactly what Virtual Hosting with Cloud Management offers you. It also allows you to manage your resources remotely, giving you control and convenience.

    Sound good? Here are 6 more reasons you should consider cloud hosting with Vodacom today.

    1. Scalable

    With Cloud Management, you can add or remove virtual servers as and when you need them. This means that it is fully adaptable to your business's current needs. And when it comes to future growth, you're covered, because you can continually add servers as your business expands.

    2. Cost-effective

    Being able to downsize your hardware means you'll ultimately spend less on storage. Plus, Vodacom's Virtual Hosting solution only requires you to pay for the resources you're currently using, so there's absolutely zero wastage. You can add or remove servers on the fly as your business's needs change.

    3. Full security and redundancy

    Probably your chief concern when it comes to virtual hosting is the security of your data assets. Vodacom's Cloud Management solution has excellent security in place, including fire protection, cooling systems and back-up generators as well as firewall and anti-intrusion software. You can be assured of up to 99.9% uptime, but, in the rare event that you're not able to access your data through the system, redundancy means that virtual duplicates of everything have been prepared and will be supplied to you until the system is back up.

    4. Manage workloads efficiently

    Based on predefined templates, the Cloud Manager automatically creates and deploys efficient workloads. This means the system will never be overburdened, no matter how many users are connected at any one time. Your employees will enjoy quick response times and powerful performance, allowing them to get through more work more efficiently than if you were using an overworked physical server.

    5. Latest functionality

    Enjoy the most up-to-date functionality from your Cloud Management solution. The system allows you to copy, configure, update and delete workloads, plus generates reports on user activity and on a number of IT Cloud parameters. It's super-user-friendly and efficient.

    6. Support

    With Vodacom, you can always be ensured of competent, helpful support. Vodacom engineers maintain and manage the Vodacom Virtual Environment, as well as provide technical support, so you'll never be left in the dark.

    Remember, you only pay for what you need with Virtual Hosting with Cloud Management from Vodacom . Go to Vodacom Online now to build your own solution »