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You can never be too careful when it comes to the protection of your child. Here are guidelines to help put your mind at ease when leaving your munchkin with a caregiver.

  1. Make sure the babysitter knows how to reach you. Give the person your cellphone number and the landline number of where you will be.
  2. Show him or her how to use the alarm system and where the panic buttons are. Instead of talking them through the process, allow your nanny to set and disarm the alarm him- or herself.
  3. Be prepared in case of a security incident. Make sure both your child and caregiver know where to hide in case of a house break-in.
  4. Practise caution. Alert your nanny that friendly strangers may be out to gather information and that it’s better to be cautious than to be caught out.
  5. Leave a list of emergency contact numbers where the caregiver can see and easily reach it. This should include the police, ambulance, fire department, disaster management and your security company (if you have one). Make sure he or she has airtime.
  6. Train your child. If he or she is old enough, ensure your child has memorised the number of a trusted neighbour and knows how to contact you too.

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