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Vodacom Now!

With an eclectic selection of shows that have never screened anywhere in South Africa before, Showmax keeps raising the binge-watch bar. 

1. A Discovery of Witches

Historian Diana discovers an ancient manuscript that threatens the fragile peace between witches, vampires, demons and humans. She has no choice but to embrace her own status as a witch, and investigate the riddles in the text.

2. Barry S2

Bill Hader is brilliant as hitman-turned-actor Barry. He swore he would give up his life of crime, but it seems it won’t be easy for him to make a clean break. Detective Moss is still missing and Barry has some explaining to do...

3. Burden of Truth S1

Kristen Kreuk executive produces and stars as Joanna Hanley, a hot-shot lawyer who defends a pharmaceutical company but soon finds herself switching sides to fight for a group of sick girls.

4. Charmed S1

A reboot of the 90s hit show. After the death of their mother, three sisters – Mel, Macy and Maggie – discover they are 'the charmed ones,' meaning they are powerful witches, and are able to protect humankind from demonic beings.

5. Project Blue Book

College professor Dr J Allen Hynek is recruited by the US Air Force to investigate UFO encounters in the 1950s. Inspired by the real-life top-secret Project Blue Book operation.

6. Gentleman Jack

Yorkshire, England, 1832. Landowner Anne Lister will do whatever it takes to save her ancestral home, and that includes marrying well - but not to a man. Based on the story of the real-life Anne and her search for a wife.




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