What to download
    20 June 2016


    7 apps to get you organised!

    It's World Productivity Day on 20 June! Get your life in order with the help of these useful free apps.

    Are you always late for meetings or coffee dates? Is your monthly budget a mess? In celebration of World Productivity Day, we've handpicked a selection of useful apps to help you plan, coordinate and get more done.

    1. Evernote   

    Evernote is like an online scrapbook or clipboard which allows you to bring all your thoughts, words and pictures together in one place. Clip web articles, snap photos and capture handwritten notes – then easily access them on all devices. It's great for jotting down recipes, important numbers and websites you want to revisit later.

    2. Sunrise 

    One of the most popular free calendar apps, Sunrise is a beautifully designed app that will help you stay on top of your daily schedule. It works with other accounts, like Google, Facebook and Microsoft Exchange, and integrates with services like Evernote, TripIt and LinkedIn, so that all your reminders and events are in one place. A really useful business feature is that if you link your LinkedIn account, you'll be able to view the faces and profiles of people you're meeting – very useful information for making a good first impression. It's available for Android and Apple devices.

    3. 22Seven

    This free locally developed app links all your bank accounts so you can get an instant overview of your expenses. You can then allocate your expenses to different categories like entertainment, food or health. You can also create your own unique categories, for example client meetings, so it’s easy to keep track of your business expenses separately. Use it to identify the big money wasters in your life and help you stick to a budget. It’s available for iPhone and Android.

    4. Wave 

    Another well-designed app with a pleasing design and layout, the free Wave app incorporates weather forecasts and travel time into your calendar and lets you attach files to your meetings and appointments. It works with Facebook, Outlook, Google and Microsoft Exchange and you can add to-do lists. It's available for Apple and Android devices.

    5. Any.do 

    There's nothing worse than missing appointments – work or personal – because you haven't made a note on your calendar. The Any.do reminder app will help you keep track of all your appointments for the day. It's easy to use and makes it simple to organise your day. Information is synchronised between all your devices so if you take the time to use it properly, you'll never turn up late again. Available for free on Android and iOS devices and on the web.

    6. Google Keep   

    Available for Android devices and on the web through Google Drive, Google Keep is a nifty note-taking app with a clean and clutter-free design. Use it to create to-do lists, save photos and write memos. The Google Keep mobile app is where it really shines. It's fast and uncomplicated, making it ideal for taking down addresses and phone numbers on the go. You can also add voice notes when using your smartphone. 

    7. Trello   

    Trello is more about the tasks and less about communication, although it offers that too. It gives you a visual way to track the status of projects: Create project boards, then populate them with task cards. These can be categorised by ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’. The task cards are dynamic too – so you can add images to them, comment on them and assign them to members of a team.  Price: Trello is free for unlimited project boards and members, but ‘super users’ can sign up for individual or company premium accounts starting from US$5/month.  

    Bonus: My Vodacom App

    Vodacom customers can stay in control with the My Vodacom app. Check out your bill, your balances and your upgrade date, plus you can recharge or buy bundles to stay connected 24/7 and link all your accounts to have full transparency of all your bills. Download the My Vodacom app for free and browse the app for free too – it's zero-rated, so you don't need data to use it, but you will need data to download it.

    Please note: While these apps may be free to download, the data required to do so is not. You can buy data bundles from Vodacom Online »