30 June 2015


    7 flagship phones with great battery life

    Looking for a smartphone with a long-lasting battery to match your busy schedule? Here are some of the best available from Vodacom.

    The latest flagship smartphones are packed with amazing features such as gorgeous bright screens, HD video-recording and an incredible array of powerful applications. Unfortunately, all this tech drains power. With heavy use, many phones don't manage to last through the day. 

    If battery life is a critical feature for you, PhoneArena's standardised battery life benchmarking tests (May 2015) could help you make a decision. PhoneArena measures battery life by running a custom web-script, designed to replicate the power consumption of typical real-life usage.

    Battery life (hours)

    Sony Xperia Z39h 29 min (Excellent)

    Samsung Galaxy Note 48h 43 min (Excellent)

    Samsung Galaxy S67h 14 min (Good)

    Huawei P87h 12 min (Good, launching July 2015)

    Apple iPhone 6 Plus6h 32 min (Average)

    HTC One M96h 25 min (Average)

    LG G46h 6 min (Average)


    Charging time (minutes)

    Sony Xperia Z3: 235

    Samsung Galaxy Note: 495

    Samsung Galaxy S6: 78

    Huawei P8: 180 (launching July 2015)

    Apple iPhone 6 Plus171

    HTC One M9: 106

    LG G4:127

    All of the flagship phones that have been released so far in 2015 are fast, powerful devices with great cameras. Making a choice between manufacturers is becoming trickier as the newest devices all have outstanding features and capabilities. Besides whether you like the design and can afford it, battery life is an important factor that could make your decision just a little bit easier.

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