09 April 2020

    Biddi Rorke

    7 Podcasts to keep you busy

    Banish boredom during lockdown with this selection of audio treats.

    Whether you want to know what to cook for supper – or just need a good belly laugh – these podcasts will do the trick.

    For wellness

    Happier with Gretchen Rubin

    In this time of COVID-19, we’re all feeling overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty. To stay calmer and happier, best-selling author Gretchen Rubin and TV writer Liz Craft discuss why you should keep some kind of journal during this period and why you might create a three-tiered plan for projects. They also explore two happiness stumbling blocks: uncertainty and exercise. That’s just one of the episodes. For the rest, Rubin delivers an upbeat selection of straightforward, practical tips for cultivating happiness and improving daily habits. 

    For cooking

    Home Cooking

    Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway have come up with the ideal recipe for a foodie podcast during these next few weeks. Don’t expect any fancy dishes though – the duo aims to make your daily cooking just a little bit easier for you by offering different ways to liven up pantry staples such as beans. The podcast also tackles the topic of anxiety and aims to offer comfort in a time of great uncertainty. You can also submit your own questions and lockdown experiences.

    For crime

    Once Upon a Crime

    This true-crime podcast tackles a new topic every month and is meticulously researched by the host, Esther Ludlow. From kidnappings to mass murders, celebrity crimes and killer couples, killer kids, each episode offer a full 360-degree view of the crime. Past topics have included the very first woman ever to make the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List after carrying out a bizarre kidnapping plot in 1968, and the story of a 7-year-old goes missing while on a family camping trip in 1973. Chillingly addictive.

    For comedy

    Hayley & Ruth: Two Stars

    In this hilarious, off-beat series of improvisations, comediennes Susan Harrison and Gemma Arrowsmith play two critics who don't feel they actually have to see a film or play in order to review it. Undaunted by their lack of skill and purpose, they deep dive into a number of diverse pieces of entertainment (from The Apprentice to self-help books) and offer listeners their dippy insights. It’s quirky and quick – and you’ll definitely laugh out loud at least once.

    For trivia

    No Such Thing as a Fish

    Fill your head – and distract yourself – with a selection of weirdest and most wonderful trivia. This weekly podcast sees the writers of the popular BBC show Qi share the four favourite facts they've learned while researching the most recent show. They then dissect each one – in detail. Expect crazy factoids that are delivered with wonderful British humour in front of a live audience. A perfect way to gather crazy bits of info to share at your next zoom dinner party.

    For advice

    My Brother, My Brother and Me

    Every Monday, three brothers Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy offer free advice to all and sundry. As they have absolutely no qualifications, this makes for interesting listening. They have no qualms telling people how to date, deal with colleagues and basically live their lives in this pseudo advice podcast.

    For science

    Science Friday

    This slick offering covers everything from the outer reaches of space to the tiniest microbes in our bodies. Host Ira Flatow is genuinely fascinated by every topic and his enthusiasm shows. He also makes things even more interesting by featuring select experts and questions from listeners. All in all, a trusted source of science news and debates in an easy-listening package.

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    - Cover photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

    Biddi Rorke