09 April 2021

    Celeste Jacobs

    7 tips to improve your WFH experience

    Add to your work from home joy with these tips.

    Although many of us have been working from home (WFH) for the past year, it’s not quite the same as working at the office. Depending on your personality type and the job you do, at various times WFH might create some challenges and perks. Add to your WFH joy with these tips.

    Sensible seating

    Wondering why your neck keeps bothering you or your shoulders are tense? We spend a great deal of time seated, but not conscious of the space our bodies are occupying. Is your jaw clenched or are your shoulders reaching upwards towards your ears? Apart from ergonomics – the relationship between your body and the items you use to work on – mindfulness plays a role in how we maintain our posture while working. If it gets too tiring to hold the correct posture while you’re working – try a different position or take a small break to stretch before resuming the task at hand.

    Speedy internet

    Avoid the lagging video calls and the files that download at snail’s pace by getting the best possible internet speed. In most cases, where areas are kitted with it, fibre is your go-to solution and a complete game changer. You can find out if your suburb has fibre and take the next steps to improve your internet experience here.

    Well balanced

    Talking about maintaining a work-life balance while working from home is easy. Actually doing it? That’s a different story. Try your best to set time-related boundaries. If your working hours are from 08h30-17h00, stick to them. Power down your machine and prioritise the other aspects that create a full and meaningful life. Spend time with your children, partner, family members or yourself. Rest is as important as productivity and the two are required in order for you to function at your best.

    Good graze

    Everyone is different in their approach to weekday meal prep. Some of us get sorted on a Sunday, whereas others take it day by day. Regardless of how you do it, there’s a certain amount of effort required to ensure you’re consuming well-balanced meals that leave you feeling full, but not tired. Then, there’s the time-factor. Weekday lunches can be more of a quick bite between meetings at times, but even at our busiest we need to see the value in wholesome nutrition. These quick meals from Taste magazine are an ideal way to show yourself some love and get more out of the time you spend preparing meals.

    Anti-social media

    Social media is a wonderful tool to stay connected with loved ones, but the apps are designed to take us on an endless loop of content. While you’re in work mode, stay focused and either cut social media time completely or allow yourself a set amount of time to browse your favourite apps – and stick to it!

    Feel stretched…

    ...in the best way possible! Taking time to stretch between tasks gives your body a break from being sedentary. It’s also likely that stretching will prevent aches, give you the opportunity to readjust the way you’re sitting, and resume working in a more mindful way. The added endorphins also go a long way to boosting your mood.

    Space out

    Where do you work? Not everyone is able to have a dedicated workstation or at home, but you should at least have an area dedicated for work. Avoid working from your couch or in bed and opt for your kitchen counter or any other neutral surface area you don’t ordinarily associate with relaxation. This helps clarify the spatial relationship between work and play mode.

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    Celeste Jacobs