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    27 May 2022

    Wanita Nicol

    9 Gripping Murder Mystery Series To Stream On Netflix Right Now

    From heinous true-crime accounts to enthralling fictional dramas, there’s a murder mystery series for every morbid fascination with the criminal mind.  

    Murder mystery series are the scary campfire stories of the Twenty-First Century. We watch them for the thrill of being scared and to feed our morbid fascination with the criminal mind. And Netflix has no shortage of options that will have you checking the locks at night. 

    One of Us Is Lying

    For: Fans of young adult fiction

    Think The Breakfast Club – but with murder. Based on the novel by Karen K. McManus, it begins with five high school students landing up in detention. One of them is Simon, who started a gossip group with a friend, where they reveal secrets about other students. Needless to say, Simon’s not popular with the other members of the detention gang. So, when he suffers a fatal allergic reaction to peanut oil that was slipped into the water he was drinking, four key murder suspects emerge.


    For: Fans of complex plots with lots of twists

    A pizza delivery guy, Abdullah Asif, is shot and killed in South London. Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie gets the case and is convinced that this is no random murder. Meanwhile, politician David Mars gets caught up in drama surrounding his ex, Karen – the person Abdullah was delivering the pizza to. Over four fraught episodes, it becomes evident that Glaspie has stumbled onto something that goes way, way deeper and darker than a single murder.

    Unsolved Mysteries

    For: Armchair detectives

    This reboot of the original show from the 1980s gets a modern revamp with compelling documentary-style storytelling. Each episode focuses on a different cold case involving murder or paranormal activity. The families of the victims have gone years without closure. Now, they’re hoping that by sharing their stories with Netflix, they might reach someone willing to come forward with information that will provide the answers they need. 

    The Ripper

    For: Insight into an infamous serial killer investigation

    This four-part mini-series follows the chilling true story of the Yorkshire Ripper – a serial killer active in the UK in the 1970s, who committed murders that were eerily similar to those of Nineteenth Century murderer Jack the Ripper. It includes testimony from journalists, investigators, victims’ families and a survivor.  

    The Staircase 

    For: True crime with a twist

    In 2001, crime novelist Michael Peterson called 911 after discovering his wife, Kathleen’s lifeless body at the bottoms of the stairs. But police weren’t so sure that her death was an accident – and Michael was charged with her murder. During the trial that followed, details emerged of another woman’s death years before, casting even more suspicion on Michael. The series is told through interviews and original recordings from the investigation and the trial.

    How To Get Away With Murder

    For: Murder mystery fans who also enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy

    Annalise Keating is a criminal defence attorney, who is also a university law professor, teaching a class that she unofficially calls “How To Get Away With Murder”. She recruits five students to intern at her firm and they soon become embroiled in a tangled web of murder and intrigue. Strap in for Grey’s level drama as the six seasons unfold.

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    Wanita Nicol