SME solutions
    28 March 2019


    A digital approach to business

    The Vodacom Cloud Marketplace offers Software as Service platforms which enable digital offerings to all business types and sizes.

    The goal of any business technology is to create new possibilities. Whether it’s taking care of everyday systems to help CIOs and leaders put more resource into innovation or developing an application that boosts workforce connectivity, the driving force is always to lay the foundations for decisions to be made faster, investments to work harder and, of course, for businesses to work smarter.

    One of the great advances that has enabled businesses to think differently is the cloud. By giving companies secure, reliable, rapid access to their most important assets, it provides the necessary tools for them to be fast and decisive. However, there is a growing argument to say that by using the cloud in an even more strategic fashion, businesses can do more. They can become even smarter. At the core of this idea is the push for greater flexibility, agility and speed so that businesses are ready to respond to changing conditions, demanding internal stakeholders and rising customer expectations. They need to be able to scale according to demand and priorities, think differently, and deploy applications exactly when and where they are needed.

    To accomplish all of this, businesses need to transform, starting with a rethink of all processes. That means finding reliable, secure and efficient ways to work, whether that’s accomplishing day-to-day tasks faster or making the right decisions right off the bat. In practical terms, this will involve becoming more mobile, using smart devices wherever possible, and embracing the potential of faster connectivity to achieve more and to help people work smarter. Through this, they will maximise every business’ greatest investment. When a business can do this, it becomes a truly smart business – the impact of which can be transformative, both for profit margins and for productivity.

    Speed, productivity and connectivity 

    While every business is different, the fastest growing know what the cloud can do for digital transformation and how they can release its potential. They use the cloud to support business strategies that shape and dominate entire industries – taking the concepts that define smart working and running with them to fundamentally alter not just how people use and consume services and products, but how they think about them. In this kind of changeable commercial environment, agility is key. And by basing data, applications and tools in a global cloud, they can ensure that new partners (like Uber’s drivers) can set up and start working and earning almost instantly. Likewise, by using fast, efficient cloud infrastructure, new applications can be deployed or tested in real time, with learnings sent back to developers as they arise, so that consumer-facing services are always available and improving.

    What is Cloud Marketplace?

    Vodacom Cloud Marketplace is an online shopping platform that simplifies the journey that businesses take to find the applications they need to reach their digital, efficiency and collaboration goals. It offers a solution to find all the applications you need in one place where you can purchase licenses immediately and manage, cancel or renew them easily. Vodacom Cloud marketplace allows you to seamlessly purchase, add and remove collaboration and productivity software applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Skype and OneDrive.

    Why choose Vodacom Cloud Marketplace for your business?

    • Immediacy – Vodacom Cloud Marketplace offers fast provisioning and purchase
    • Self-management – Independently add, cancel or remove licenses and subscriptions
    • Tailored solutions – Get the right applications, tailor-made to suit your business needs
    • One bill – Get one bill from one service provider
    • High scalability – Add licenses and/or subscriptions as your business grows
    • Pay as you use – You only pay for the number of licenses your business needs