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Your phone is an entertainment centre in your pocket. That’s why you need a large screen that will display your favourite shows in crisp resolution. And that’s where the Samsung Galaxy Note9 comes in.

Although the Note9 is the device of choice for business people who need to update spreadsheets on the fly, it’s so much more than that: with its top-end specs, it’s also perfect for anyone who loves to watch movies and series on their phone, or play games. That’s just about all of us. Here are some numbers that make the difference.


With all the functionality we demand from our phones these days, a big screen is increasingly essential. At 6.4”, the Note9 definitely delivers on that score. It’s the biggest screen Samsung has ever put on a mass-market phone, and the thin bezel means generous real estate for getting lost in your entertainment of choice.


Here’s another important number: 18.5:9. That’s the aspect ratio, and it means that the Note9 is just a little over twice as tall as it is wide. It’s taller and slimmer than many other phones on the market (16:9 aspect ratio is common). Taller and slimmer means a bigger screen on a device that’s still easy to hold in one hand. It also means you can split the screen and use two apps at once. And it’s also close to what you probably experience on your widescreen TV already, meaning most video content is optimised for this aspect ratio.


A big screen is no good if the resolution hasn’t kept up. Fortunately, the Note9 has one of the crispest screens on the market. It’s QuadHD+ with a pixel density of 514 ppi and has Mobile HDR - High Dynamic Range. It basically means that the phone is capable of levels of brightness and contract that make for a great viewing experience, similar to the experience you’d have watching a top-of-the-range 4K television.

512GB x 2

If you’re watching movies and series on the go, chances are you’ll want to download them before you leave the house. You can do that with Showmax and Netflix (and you can add both of those to your Vodacom bill), but you’ll need space on your device. Fortunately, the Note9 has a whopping 512GB onboard memory, expandable by another 512GB when you add a microSD.


Nothing’s worse than settling in with a great movie, only to have your phone die in the middle. That’s unlikely with the Note9’s 4000mAh battery, which promises to last and last. And what’s more, it has built-in fast charging features so if the worst does happen, you'll be back up and running in no time.

Along with the big battery, the phone has an ultra-fast, water-carbon cooling system that manages heat, keeping the phone cooler and saving battery even more. It’s especially cool (pardon the pun) for gamers who demand high performance from their devices. And with the release of Fortnite on the Note9, there are likely to be a few gamers out there eager to clock up some hours on this smartphone.

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