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Every customer who purchases the LG G5 or LG X CAM will receive free screen insurance for 12 months!*

Here's what to look out for in these great devices:

LG G5 highlights 

  • Smart friends: It's the first smartphone to have 'Friends'... these new add-on modules mean you can transform the LG G5 to your needs. You can extend the battery life with an extra battery back, add physical camera controls or even transform the phone into a mobile hi-fi.
  • Powerful processor: Under the hood, you've got a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor paired with the latest Android OS – Android 6.0/Marshmallow.
  • Security: Fingerprint scanners are seen in almost all top-end smartphones these days, and the LG G5 is no exception. The scanner is quick to respond, convenient and adds another layer of security to the device.
  • Excellent display: The 5.3-inch Quad HD display gives you remarkably crisp, clear viewing for media and browsing online. 
  • Innovative camera technology: When it comes to photographs, the LG G5 has an interesting surprise. The LG G5 has not one, but two rear cameras and the LG G5's software makes it possible to switch between the two. There's a 16MP camera as well as an 8MP camera, with a super-wide 135° angle.  Unlike traditional digital zoom in smartphones, which essentially just blows up the pixels, causing a loss of quality in the process, when you use the LG G5 to zoom, it will switch between the 8MP and the 16MP lens as needed. What this means is that you can zoom in and out of your shot and still get great image quality.

LG X Cam highlights 

  • Camera lenses: As the name suggests, the camera is the biggest asset on this phone (it is known to have one of the best cameras in the mid-tier range currently). It has two lenses, a 120-degree wide angle lens as well as a normal angle lens.
  • Photo editing: Use Pop-Out Photo to make your pictures truly unique - this function highlights part of your photo by making it 'pop out' in a 3D effect.
  • Panorama mode: Get an extra-wide, extra-long view, especially useful for snapping cityscapes and sunsets.
  • Storage: With all the photos you'll be taking with the flagship camera, you'll be really pleased with the microSD slot that will bump the phone's memory up from 16GB.

*T&Cs apply

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