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    10 July 2018


    A streamlined approach to time management

    Having the correct mobile strategy means effectively meeting the demands of an ever-changing digital landscape, and optimal operational agility is key.

    Having the correct mobile stratergy means effectively meeting the demands of an ever changing digital landscape, and optimal operational agility is key.

    Do you want greater control over how your employees spend their time? Would you like a more streamlined, digitally savvy approach to your company’s clocking-in system? Of course you would. Vodacom's impressive product suite allows you to be strategically agile while conducting business on the move. And because Vodacom is always looking at ways to help you work smarter, it already has the perfect end-to-end solution in place so you can implement your company’s mobility strategy without any delay.

    Vodacom ECONZ Wireless Time Management solution allows you to monitor and track the activity of your staff at any given point in time. The service's impressive functionality not only helps you change certain negative working behaviours, it could mean hefty cost savings too. And what business owner doesn’t want more money in their back pocket and more efficient employees?

    Timecard GPS

    Timecard GPS is Vodacom's flagship, full-featured application that lets you streamline your business, managing and controlling individual employees and teams in real-time, on multiple sites.

    Time tracking: Easy-to-use cellphone software that allows your workers to be tracked through a business day. Effectively decrease time theft and increase productivity.

    Payroll system integration: Streamline time and attendance into preferred accounting and payroll systems. Clock in and out multiple field workers from a single device.

    Reporting: Over 20 reports (time, attendance, tasks, sub-tasks and many more). Save on printing costs and time.

    With Timecard GPS you can also do the following:

    • Monitor your employees’ driving behaviour, including their route and travel speed.
    • Get alerts if the driver exceeds a set speed limit, is stationary for longer than a set period or travels outside set route parameters.
    • Record when your employees clock in and clock out or take breaks.
    • Track the time that your employees spend on assigned tasks.
    • Easily access up to 28 reports through a website.
    • Get terrestrial, satellite and 3D map views via Google Maps.

    EService GPS

    This package provides information about work-team locations and overviews of job progress. It’s especially useful for companies offering on-site customer service such as plumbing, building and IT support.


    • Get an instant overview of the status of each task.
    • Coordinate tasks based on team availability and location.
    • Keep record usage of resources, including parts and labour, to ensure availability for other tasks.
    • Get real-time records so that you can invoice your customers immediately upon task completion.

    ECONZ Wireless is available for use on cellphones, smartphones and tablets and lets you keep track of where your employees are located and the amount of time they spend on various tasks. This allows you to get real-time records of the time your employees spend on a task, so that you can invoice your customers accordingly.

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