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Vodacom Now!

Your favourite content is now just a tap away on Google Play. With Google Play you can get your music, movies, TV, news, books, magazines, apps and games all in one place, and with Direct Carrier Billing from Vodacom, all your Google Play purchases can get added to your Vodacom bill, no credit card necessary!

Direct Carrier Billing is also available on the Play Music, Play Movies and Play Books apps.

How to set up Direct Carrier Billing

Installing Direct Carrier Billing on your Vodacom device is a simple, four-step process.

Step 1
Enable Vodacom billing under Payment methods.

Step 2
Enter your information.

Step 3
Accept the payment option.

Step 4
You are now set up to add your Google Play purchases to your Vodacom bill.

It’s that simple.

You now have  access to hundreds of music, movies and games through Google Play. Browse the latest album releases or catch up on some of your favourite movies. With Vodacom and Google Play, a new age of entertainment is at your fingertips. 

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