Financial Services
    02 June 2020

    Aiden Sookdin

    Adapting to a new way of life with contactless payments  

    A safer way to do your shopping. 

    It’s been a challenging two months since the lockdown started. Now that the severity of lockdown has been categorised into levels, many of us are still practising social distancing and working from home. We’ve adapted to the new way of life as much as possible, but it certainly has not been easy.  

    Being far from friends and family, not being able to embrace the people you love during this time becomes frustrating. The only connection we have to them is through our mobile devices. This is why the VodaPay App will now give you Prepaid and Top Up mobile bundles to use for your home. You can choose from 10GB, 10GB, 20GB, 50GB and 100GB.  

    The VodaPay App doesn’t only help you to stay connected, it provides you with additional services such as the ability to pay your utilities like water and electricity, contactless payments and so much more. So while our movement is limited during lockdown, we can still conduct our business from the comfort of our home.  

    Contactless payment is important – especially now 

    Credit and debit cards are made of plastic and metal, and the COVID-19 virus could latch onto it the same way it is able to survive on other surfaces. In Europe and Asia, banknotes that circulated recently are being quarantined for seven to 10 days as a “precautionary measure,” according to a Federal Reserve spokesperson. 

    The VodaPay Masterpass App is a cashless and contactless payment platform which is not only ideal for managing financial tasks, but also reducing the need to travel, interact with people and machine and therefore limits the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus 

    If you absolutely have no choice and must leave your home to pay for essential services – you can still limit contact even when you’re transacting. The app allows you to scan QR codes, make payments using Zapper and SnapScan, and even offer you QR payment options at large retailers like Shoprite Checkers and Pick n Pay. This means that you don’t have to carry physical cash, use ATMs, or swipe your bank cards at all.  

    You can load any bank card into a secure digital wallet downloaded as an app on your smartphone. Once loaded, these cards and the secure credentials associated with them are safely stored, letting you transact immediately without the hassle of entering these details each time you make a purchase. For added security, when you buy prepaid services or pay your bills, you will be asked to enter your banking pin to complete the transaction.  

    VodaPay is not limited to Vodacom customers only – anyone with a valid South African cell phone number and bank card can use the app and is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.   

    For more information on VodaPay please visit


    Aiden Sookdin