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The three most popular New Year’s resolutions people make are to get healthy, save money and learn something new. As January is also International Creativity Month, it’s a great time to download apps that help you stick to your learning goals for 2020. Here are three that come highly recommended.

1. Language

Duolingo will help you learn a new language or improve one of your second languages – for free with ads or for a small subscription fee without. Download the app and do a five-minute lesson every day to level up on anything from Swahili to Esperanto. And as crazy as it sounds, legit language courses in High Valyrian are available for Game of Thrones fans too!


Download Duolingo

2. Literacy

Bookly is a free-to-download monitoring app for reading. You simply set the timer as you pick up a book (a book-book, your Kindle or an in-app purchase on a phone or tablet). It keeps you on track, gives you fascinating stats on your reading habits, extra info on what you’re reading and rewards you for doing regular wordy workouts.


Download Bookly

3. Productivity

The Calm app allows you to get the rest your brain needs to reboot every day to be able to retain new information. The number-one sleep and meditation app on the market comes with a monthly subscription, but is well worth it when you first hit play on Matthew McConaughey’s oh-so smoothly narrated ‘sleep story’. Let him and other celebrity authors, actors and speakers lull you into the relaxed state your creativity craves.

Also, Apple users can download Strides to sustain any new endeavour or break a bad habit in 2020. Android users don’t have to miss out – simply use the web version. 


Download Calm

Keep an eye out for our weekly creativity series this month – next up are inspirational podcasts to listen to in 2020!

Header photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash

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