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Tablets are fast becoming essential for students and school pupils, from as early as their first year in primary school.

As a parent, you want your child to have the best start in life, so that they have a good chance of enjoying a fulfilling future. In today’s world, that means making sure that they are prepared for the digital economy.

But don’t worry – a tablet need not be a huge expense. You’ll find really affordable tablet deals on Vodacom Online, and they all come with some handy freebies, too.

Here is our pick of the most affordable, good-value tablets for students this year.

Vodacom Smart Tab 2 3G  

This incredibly popular tablet costs as little as R69 per month on a 250MB 24-month Data Top Up plan, with an additional 250MB of Night Owl data and a R10 000 Online Educational Voucher. 

It can do video calls, has front and rear cameras, connects to Vodacom’s fast 3G network, and has a 7-inch crisp display. This is the ultimate tablet for students and at a fraction of the cost of premium tablets.

Back-to-School Deal Alert! You can get the Vodacom Smart Tab 2 3G on a Back-to-School Deal FOR FREE when you take out a Smart S contract on a Vodacom Smart ultra 7 for only R229 per month for 24 months » 

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 

For just R278 per month on a 1GB 24-month Data Top Up plan, you can buy this highly rated Samsung tablet, with a R10 000 Online Educational Voucher.

It’s slim and light, so great for younger kids to tote around, and is surprisingly robust, considering its elegant design. Its non-slip fabric-style casing means it is less likely to fall off your child’s desk, and you can download the Kids Mode app from the Galaxy Apps store for a range of fun, educational apps for kids. It also lets you set a limit on their tablet usage time, which is especially important for younger users.

Plus – your kids will love this – you will get a FREE pink Furby Connect!

You could also buy it on Prepaid for R3 299.

Alcatel Plus 10 Windows Tablet

Get this large-screened tablet for only R3 140 Prepaid, or R199 per month on a 500MB 24-month Data Top Up plan, including a free Top Dog voucher. This is an incredible deal considering the specs of this tablet – a 10-inch display, a 5MP rear and 2MP selfie camera, and internal memory of 32GB. 

Back-to-School Deal Alert! When you get the Alcatel Plus 10 Windows Tablet on a 500MB 24-month plan, you’ll get Microsoft Office 365 FOR FREE! »  

Back-to-School Deal Alert! And when you sign up for a Vodacom R216H LTE Wi-Fi Router, for R399 per month on a 24-month 1GB price plan, you’ll get THREE Alcatel Plus 10 Windows Tablets FOR FREE! » Enough for the whole family!

Free Samsung Galaxy tablet, or iPad, anyone?

Summer Deal Alert! Believe it or not, when you shop on Vodacom’s Summer Deals, you’ll get a FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3G when you buy or upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S7 LTE for R599 per month or a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge LTE for R699 per month.

You’ll also get 10GB of data once-off, a free internet starter pack and a R10 000 Online Educational Voucher with both of these deals.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite is so lovely, you’ll want to keep it for yourself – but it’s so portable (at only 322g) and has such long-lasting battery life thanks to Ultra Power Saving Mode, that it’s an excellent learning tool that will really benefit your kids.

Back-to-School Deal Alert! When you take out a Smart S contract on an iPhone SE 64GB in gold, you’ll get an iPad Mini 32GB FOR FREE! You’ll get both of these for just R849 per month for 24 months »

The iPad Mini 4 is so small and slim that it will fit into your kids’ school bag, and with the 32GB of storage, they’ll have plenty of space for all their assignments, apps and, of course, games.

Any additional expenses?

Don’t forget to insure your child’s tablet against breakage, damage or theft. Vodacom offers laptop and tablet insurance - it’s affordable and gives you total peace of mind.


When you shop on Vodacom Online, you get FREE SIM, FREE connection and FREE delivery » 

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