Do it yourself
    10 November 2016


    Backing up is easy to do

    Backup+ powered by Dropbox provides fast, secure and simple storage

    Taking pics and shooting videos with your smartphone means you can capture unforgettable memories of friends and family. But if you don't back them up, they could be gone forever if your device gets lost or stolen. Vodacom has come up with a brilliant plan, Backup+ powered by Dropbox. 

    You'll receive 25GB of storage FREE of charge for 12 months after signing up for the facility. It's available exclusively to Vodacom customers who are new Dropbox users. 

    It's easy to use and you'll be storing your favourite pics and movies in no time. What's more, logging in and accessing your Backup+ account is straightforward and simple: do it whenever, wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet. Your account is secured with a password, which means your photos, videos and files are secure.

    How do I get Backup+ Powered by Dropbox?

    Simply download Backup+ from your app store. While the app is free to purchase in the app store, you will need data to download and use the app. You can buy data bundles from Vodacom Online by logging in to My Vodacom »  

    For more information on Backup+, watch the video here »