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Willie Stegmann, Group CIO of the Vodacom Group, and Nola Dlamini, ME of Digital Transformation, give us their perspectives on working for Vodacom, and how the company is driving change for the future.

We are already experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterised by massive shifts in the ways we communicate and connect. Technology isn't just an aid anymore - it's at the heart of our everyday lives. Vodacom is at the forefront of this revolution, both as an enabler for other companies' digital journeys, and as an example of how digital transformation can be achieved through strategy and dedication. To benefit from the opportunities of this brave new digital world, it's necessary to leverage key tools like data analytics, the Internet of Things and AI, and keep an eye on challenges such as cyber security. That's what makes Vodacom such an exciting place to be, positioned at the cutting edge of change. 

Vodacom is not simply a mobile provider, says Willie. ‘It’s very important for us to reposition ourselves as a company that is evolving to become a truly leading digital organisation […] as a strong, credible digital player. This is our ambition, aligned to our strategy for 2020,’ he says.

His vision for 2020 is of a future-ready company that has embraced change and turned challenges into opportunities. So what does the digital future look like?

Nola Dlamini, whose team is responsible for driving digital transformation within the organisation, says that agility is a key attribute for companies looking to cope with the changing needs of their customers. ‘Our goal,’ she says, ‘is to create a more engaging customer experience. And that starts with our way of working. Being more nimble means we are able to respond to our customers’ needs and feedback, no matter which platform we’re using to engage with them. The technological change we face today is exponential, so the pace at which we are adapting is just as fast.'

An agile organisation can get the latest products to market fast, when the market demands them. Then, technology allows the agile organisation to determine whether a marketing message or interaction is adding value to their customers' experience or not, and if not, to make incremental adjustments. 

‘It’s important to note that agile doesn’t mean digital, and digital doesn’t mean agile. Being agile is a way of working that relies on people, while digital change is all about technology,’ says Nola.

Developing that technology is where Willie’s team comes in, ensuring that Vodacom’s digital properties and propositions are world-class and at the cutting edge of technology.

‘There’s a lot of excitement about the digital transformation journey,’ says Nola, ‘and it means that the shape of our business is changing. As we become more engaged with our customers and as we become faster, the opportunities for jobs in Vodacom are beginning to change and grow.’

The culture at Vodacom is one of constant learning, says Willie. ‘We’re looking for people with the right attitude with a bias to execution, and who are happy to learn on an ongoing basis,’ he says. And learn they do. The global Vodafone Group’s e-learning platform, Vodafone University, offers ongoing free training to all employees. Vodacom SA’s staff lead the world in uptake of modules around Agile Working, with a whopping 47 000 modules already completed.

‘Our staff are very interested in moving with the vision,’ says Nola. If a passion for being at the forefront of technology, and being part of a groundbreaking sea change in technology and ways of working sounds like something you’d love, check out the career opportunities at Vodacom on our Jobs Portal.


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