12 May 2017


    Bieber fever survival 101

    Follow our tech tips to ensure the Bieber concert is memorable for you too!

    Follow our tech tips to ensure the Bieber concert is memorable for you too!

    So your kids aren’t quite old enough just to be dropped off and fetched at the Justin Bieber concert this week and you'll actually have to accompany your tweens with stars in their eyes ... well, we’ve got a tech survival guide that should get you through it!

    Firstly, make sure your smartphone battery is fully charged: you’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time waiting – to get into the stadium, for the first act, for the Biebs to finally make his appearance. This is a guilt-free time to moan about your lot on social media, or simply play Candy Crush – no-one will judge you! Or how about reading from your Kindle app, or pre-downloading your favourite series from Netflix to watch at the concert... consider this me-time (just surrounded by a couple of thousand other scared parents and hysterical tweenage girls).

    Show time!

    Right, now it’s time for the music to start, so you need your game face on. If you simply want to drown it all out, get some high-quality earplugs. We suggest some better ways to keep yourself entertained, though. Three of cnet.com’s top noise-cancelling headphones of the year come from Sony. The Sony MDR-1000X is the top of the range, while the Sony H.ear On Wireless NC is a wireless Bluetooth set of headphones. Its noise cancelling adapts to the surrounds, so this is a great bet. On the more affordable side, the Sony MDR-ZX770BN is comfy and easy to use.

    Dance to your own tune

    Show up the kids and dance to your own favourite music while they’re bopping to Bieber. Download Deezer onto your smartphone – this library of music is one of the world’s most popular streaming services. There are over 40 million songs available, and you can search for and listen to anything your heart desires. 90s alternative rock? Karen Zoid? Gangs of Ballet? Yes please!

    Be sure to download a step counter onto your smartphone before you head to the concert. In between walking to and from your car to the stadium, and all the jumping and dancing you will inevitably be doing, you’re sure to rack up a good couple of thousand steps in the night – just wear good trainers!


    As a last resort, parents can opt to get dressed to the nines and be prepared to boogie on down with the kids at what should be a pretty impressive stage show at least – and your tween’s embarrassment will be worth it!